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Torture Sloth (v2)

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Torture Sloth if you want. Choose your weapon, and try to terminate him.

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he didnt deserve this

I played this when it was first around here on newgrounds and wanted to come back and see if any of those old games are around. By today's standards it obviously won't impress people, but it deserves its place in history here on newgrounds.

When my friend first introduced me to the Goonies we'd watch it almost every day and quote it all the time. I didn't understand how I could've gone that long in life without seeing that film. My friend was a hero for introducing that to me. But when I stumbled upon this and then shared it with my friends, I became a god.

Sloth doesn't deserve this you monster. This is kinda just sadistic, but so is everything else at this time so...

A "kill x game" with four options, however this was just mean.

Just bad

I didn't like this. It was mostly because it was just the same image the whole time. I thought Sloth was less skinny. Well, I haven't seen "The Goonies" in awhile. I thought the animation wasn't that good. You only had a few ways to kill him.

They weren't very creative. I was hoping you could use different weapons at once. It amounted to little. The music was alright. You have made much better.

JeremyLokken responds:

Thanks, Ericho. I mainly still have this up because it's one of my first flash projects, 16 years ago! Now I'm dating myself here...I appreciate all of your reviews of my work!