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Author Comments

Nothing says Christmas like a heavy metal ship shooting viruses with a MIGHTY F****** LASER.
A vile infection falls upon the MotherBoard and you - MetaTron - have to prevent it.
Destroying suicidal creatures in the sky never felt this good since World War II.

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I like the mechanics of this game and the visuals. Lot's of different enemy ships is cool.

Despite this there are many things to improve:

1)Space bar causes screen scrollin in Firefox and the game is unplayable in that browser. Luckily I could play it in MS Edge. but since it is not my default gaming browser, I have no Ad blocker there and had to look at stupid anime heads while playing this. This issue could be esily fixed by giving an alternative attack key. Also since there is no reason to ever not be attacking the Mighty LASOR just could have been tured on perpetually. At least there could have been an option to turn it on perpetually.

2)I disliked the gridlines. I think it would have been better if view would be field cenric and not ship centric. This would eliminate scrolling to sides and rliminat e the need for gridlines to point out where is the center.

3)Despite core mechanics of the game being about changing the color of the mighty LASOR, what gave me most trouble were the white ships that changed lanes. I think that game screen should be longer vertically to make it easier to handle them and to let players advance to point where more bi-color ships appear more easily.

4)The joke about campaign being there and turning out to be unfinished is a bummer. Didn't enjoy that.

5)The endless mode is also unfinished. Why? Well because there are no higshscores obviosly. If I ever see an endless game without highscores or any other goal to reach - I just next the whole game, because there is no way to tell if I am performing good or bad. It's pointless if there is nothing to reach, no objective benchmark. Highscores at least allow users to create that benchmark for each other if the author has failed to do so by skipping medals or achievments or levels or an ending. So many game makers ignore this, making their hard worked on games not worth replaying. Sad.

Despite the many fields to improve the basic game is good. It's worth to fix these issues and release a version 2.0 IMHO. Better to release it as a new submission to get any popularity. There should be added some new stuff to really make it different and make people play it again. I reccomend adding fulscreen mode and diferent backgrounds for different levels of story mode. Maybe adding some projectile enemies and a bossin story mode, that shoots projectiles and changes colors. That would be a really a great game if all that would be implemented. Right now it looks as something with good potential but unfinished and rushed.

NoGramarr responds:

M8! This was really helpful. Thank you for taking the time to write this. You're totally right. It's a very rushed project and I plan to expand on it (after my exams :) ).

Good game! The UI, theme and artstyle is cool!

The only issue I have is the movement. Would like to use the directional up down left right instead of wasd since you are using the space bar most of the time.

When I hold J+K to start the campaign it only fills up half way then stops.

Wow. What a stupid bug.

NoGramarr responds:

The campaign button was a joke. It's not ready yet. Halfway done. Didn't think I'd have to spell it out. Anyway, thanks for the feedback!


I like the Hold To Use Menu feature in this, it's just more secure and it just looks cool.
Pixel art is decent, I would recommend watching MortMort for pixel art tutorials.
Music is great, guitar is going strong in the menu theme.


The enemies just stay there and you can go on for miles in endless mode by just going AFK.
Attacking is just holding space which is generally really weak, don't be afraid to use over mechanics like Cuphead's different guns feature or just make shooting rapid fire instead of a beam.


NoGramarr responds:

Yeah. Sorry this is not cuphead! You might want to check out Cuphead for that cuphead fix!

I like this game A LOT. I also like that if you try and start campaign mode, you can't. It says to press J+K. (meaning just kidding there is no campaign mode) But there is one reason i'm not giving a full 5 stars. Because of all the buttons you have to press to shoot different colored enemies. I rate 4 stars.

NoGramarr responds:

Those f******** buttons don't let you enjoy the game! I'll try to reupload it as an animation! <3
EDIT: Sorry for being salty. I'll adjust the difficulty in the future.

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2017
12:12 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place December 24, 2017