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The Protest

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Author Comments

In Communist America, a man cries out to God. What happens next?

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Not bad. It has a strong message. I'm just confused about this message, since I too am a Christian, and I don't see how spreading hatred and promoting violence against people that have a different skin color is the work of God. Or how promoting war by pushing North Korea to attack and trying to disrupt the little bit of peace in the middle east by forcibly making Jerusalem the capital of Israel. How about the purely sinful nature of Trump, his blatant hateful speeches, his firing of anyone who opposes, his disregard of our people in Puerto Rico (which is a US territory, so we should help), his sexual crimes and statements, his displacement of families and restriction of US citizens from reentering the country, his restriction of certain word uses, how he ignores the racist violence and chants and allows them to continue... unfortunately, the list goes on and on. I'm not attacking you, this is what I see. As a Christian, I was taught that all children were children of God. No matter what culture or color they were. True, some follow a different religion, and that is unfortunate, but also, as Americans, they have the freedom to choose, they have the freedom to sin against themselves and harm their own soul and body. It is up to us to help them, not to shove them away because of their differences. We have all failed our Father, and we all need Him and the community of our brothers and sisters to stand against satan. Satan is not in the people, satan is against the people, he wants us to divide and fight amongst ourselves, just as Trump wants us to do. He has used peoples' fears to turn us against one another to reach his own selfish goals. I was a Republican, but now...I am against both parties. We need complete government reform. ...anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter if you PM me. I'm curious to know how you see these things.

Gheata responds:

Please, enlighten me how Trump is a racist/sexist, etc. Do you really believe that the media is honest? You can debate me if you like. I really recommend you watching "Paul Joseph Watson" on youtube.

Beside this, well... I was a bit inspired by North Korea and how students want communism in America, not knowing how horrible it is.

There is nothing wrong in having a Christian hero. They are almost extinct in movies, etc now :(

I see there's a moral of story. Seems more like a comic book, you should leave buttons to go to the next scene/keyframe instead of giving a timer. I chose fast reader and as was staring at the screen next time. It's hard to enjoy without music or some sort of ambient noise or sound effects. It's a fine story, but I had to give up right before the big sword fight because I found this boring.

You should keep practicing for sure. This flash'd be better if it had page flips instead of a timer. The action-script is simple too, if I remember it's something like "stop();" and the page flip buttons like movie-clips and that's "gotoandPlay(frame number of scene here);"

Gheata responds:

Thank you for the amazingly encouraging rating that totally backs up your words.
In order to collab on newgrounds I need first a project published :D Next one might have music, etc. Maybe.

Credits & Info

2.04 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2017
8:13 AM EST