Unleashed: Sick as a Dog

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Fluffy John catches a mean illness!

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yeah, this was alright. i personally haven't liked the directions you've been taking your art style in but i can definitley say that each cartoon you've made this year have had improvemets in the art, even if only in small aspects. i really didnt like how the animation was in the last unleashed episode with how the animation is mostly pose to pose and not actual lively and cartoony animation and you sorta got better with that in this cartoon to the point where the animation doesnt look too stiff but its still there. i wish you did more poses that weren't just the characters standing in place and i wish you framed your shots in a more interesting way. everything is either one character towards the left/right side of the screen or the couple of shots where the character is standing and you see his full body from a eye level sort of camera angle. what i'm saying is that a variety of camera angles and poses would make these cartoons way more visually interesting. i have to give you major credit for not making the cartoon too predictable, considering this plot has been done before in a couple other cartoons. the main thing thats been killing your cartoons ever since you started was the voice acting, thomas always sounds like he's obviously just reading his line outloud, the kid who does the timebear always sounds like he's recording his line in a different room as the microphone and i like the fact that you recorded your lines when you were actually sick but everytime your character spoke i wanted him out of the scene as soon as possible because you sounding like you were dying made me want to fucking die. sick and drained out voices talking really close to the microphone while dragging out every single word they say is really annoying but i guess its fitting, so i cant really take off points for that???? another thing, i dont like how fluffy john is sick but he also looks exactly the same as he was when he was perfectly okay in the last episode. look at the suds episode of spongebob, when spongebob got sick his color palette got a whole lot more grey, his eyes got huge with bags under them, and hell towards the end he was literally a huge fucking ball of snot. you could tell he was sick, in this it just seems like fluffy john's really tired or something. i only have 2 other problems with the cartoon and they could easily be fixed and i'm surprised that you havent already done so: for one, actual backgrounds asap. secondly, the lip sync that jaq does is fine enough but i think its pretty lazy that spusky gus's snout NEVER moves with his mouth and also the few shots where spusky's mouth is going off of his body just looks awkward because you dont animate that either. overall, this is pretty okay. i do like some of the poses and some jokes were actually pretty funny, but more variety in pretty much every single department would be lovely.

dogs, without leashes.

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3.27 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2017
3:53 PM EST
Comedy - Original