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The day-to-day life of the gnomes

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So I had this idea of telling a story using only loops. The Initial format for this story was a "gifbook", something like a children's book but with gifs, but then I changed my mind and made this movie.

I hope you enjoy.

music is Rectangle by gold5472
everything else is done by me.

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They sure are fast at chopping wood! And eating porridge! And getting the mine! And chopping up that gold! And bringing it back up! And sending it into the mystery machine that makes a big buck for their business... come club time they finally cool down aaand the next day it's the same thing all over! :D What an awesomely arduous and fast-paced life they lead. Well-animated. The drinking part was a bit odd, but props on creative angles.


DesconhecidoJack responds:

Thankyou for watching my movie :)

Yeah, the drinking part didn't go the way I planned. Next time I will do better.

Fluid animation, perfect use of perspective and foreshadowing, beautiful colors and simple but cute plot that is easy to grasp. This is a great cartoon.

DesconhecidoJack responds:

thank you!

Step 1: Chop wood
Step 2: Mine Gold
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit
Step 5: Strip Club

(Seriously, though, cute/smooth animation and a story that's easy to sit through 3 times before deciding to write a review)

DesconhecidoJack responds:

thank you!

step 3 would be melting raw gold into bars

That's not such a bad daily life. The "all work, no play" a lot of people think "daily life" is doesn't exist! I love the style and the colors! And, I love that it loops! I feel like that takes the "daily life" theme to another level!

DesconhecidoJack responds:


I'm glad you liked the loop, I was afraid people would got annoyed

Not bad I liked it and one of the few times I didn't mind the loop. For this particular show it made sense. Most of the time loops are ether annoying or just used to make really short animations seem longer but this time it shows the story is never ending. Same thing every day, day after day.

DesconhecidoJack responds:

thank you for watching!

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3.46 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2017
2:08 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place December 19, 2017