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Breach of Contract Online

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Breach of Contract Online brings so much to players. Single Player & co-op zombies, TDM, FFA, and multiplayer team based objective game modes like Domination. With a handful of maps crafted from scratch what are you waiting for? Play it now!

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Pretty bad for an fps game. The graphics suck absolute crap and the maps were stupid as hell. The zombie mode was a joke with all the zombies coming at me from one singular point on the map and to top it off, they were spawning by the freakin millisecond. The gun mechanics also suck too. There is no reload and each gun is exactly the same. Overall, this game is a lame excuse for an fps.

the controls suck dude. it made me sick too

I climbed and fell out of a map within 2 minutes of play. Frankly, I don't think I need to say more. But this somehow having 3 stars, I feel as though I'm being challenged.

So yeah, I'll say more.

Unity's a fine program, and I've seen some great things done with it. This...isn't going to be one of them, I realized, when a low-poly generic soldier graced my screen astride a blurred background and the most unenthusiastic smoke effect I've seen in some time. Clearly, the dev was batting 1000 so far.

So immediately, the first GUI that shows is a bare-bones profile piece, that overlaps with the account creator that's linked to...IDnet, of all things. Really? IDnet? It's not a complaint, I get if you weren't able to get anybody more esteemed to back you on this, I'm just genuinely confused by that. Either way, I'm honestly concerned sacrificing an email to whoever made this just to make a dummy account would somehow come back to bite me, so I go with the obvious choice of just settling on a guest account. It's fine, though, that profile wouldn't have gotten me a whole lot of mileage.

So the first thing I notice after I'm done with that is that there is nobody playing this. I go to refresh the server screen at least a few times, always checking, and I can't tell if there's actually nobody, or if something - by something, I mean EVERYTHING - has gone wrong. I'm not even convinced there's even a server that this 'developer' is utilizing, it wouldn't even surprise me if that were the case. I would have at least thought the two positive reviews below me would have enjoyed the game enough to still be playing, but then I realize that those are most likely astroturfed comments from either bots or the developer's alternate accounts. Am I accusing the dev of doing this? Not really. I just find it suspicious that the only positive feedback came before the game passed judgment. And..given the condition this 'game' is in, I can't imagine anyone sane finding genuine enjoyment out of this; like, have they not played literally any other game on this site? At least download Warframe, or something, and play that; that shit's free!

You know what isn't free, though? The Unity assets that were lifted to create this, I'd wager. I wouldn't be able to drop any links to prove that, even if I wanted to, but it's not as if it isn't incredibly obvious: from the map design to the AI, which do you think was hand-made by the 'developer' of this, and which do you think was simply plonked down haphazardly with no real thought put into it? A particular standout goes to the two Counter-Strike maps that were recreated except browner, and kind of shit; I've literally seen better handiwork on Roblox, and I'm thoroughly convinced that is objectively an inferior engine compared to what Unity can accomplish. You have to be a special kind of inept to get beat out by a teenager using ROBLOX to create their game. By the by, calling this all "crafted from scratch" seems like a bit of a stretch. Anyone can take their own poop and smear it around like crayon; it doesn't mean they were very artistic about it.

There's also a Spongebob map. No idea why. Moving on.

So having no gauge for the gamemodes, as they all are just generic concepts that I can't even play anyway, because nobody is as stupid as I am to spend 50 minutes of their time to review this garbage, I can't tell you exactly how boring it is to do any of it. Nor can I tell you how the gunplay is terrible - at least, not until we reach the single-player, where there's actually something to do. As for the multi-player in general, there's just...nothing. Nothing to talk about, nothing of note; well, that's a lie, there's at least one thing of note. Just to cement my theory that these maps were made with assets, and zero clue by the 'developer' of it all, I noticed in the Deployment Mountains map that there is a very wide, very obvious gap behind a poorly-placed pipeline model, next to what is very clearly a mountain clipping into the barbwire fence. I'm half convinced the 'developer,' in what was probably their most cunning tactic ever, figured that they would slap the pipes there to hide the clipping, and pray that nobody noticed. Again, this took me a grand total of 2 minutes to find; it could've taken less time for the 'developer' to patch that spot than it took me to find it, and yet here we are. 2 minutes isn't even enough time to cook a cup of instant ramen, I found it that quickly. Still, all that didn't stop me from climbing over the mountain, and falling off the map to freedom. But there IS no true freedom in the world of Unity asset flips, at least not for me; not after hitting an invisible level floor, and dying of fall damage. Oh, there's also apparently fall damage. I never would have discovered this in regular play, because the maps are all lateral and shittily-made.
(Hey, future me here, dropping an edit through the marvelous power of technology. Seems like the developer cared only just enough to edit the gap in the map I mentioned, but fixed nothing else. I guess professional pride only goes so far.)

At least the single-player is worth it, right? If you love being immediately swarmed by the zombie equivalent of a hydra, that is. I insist to you, dear reader, that the single-player zombie survival mode is a load of shit; the zombies are just 2 asset models that both react in the same way, and ALWAYS spawn the very second one is killed. So you're never able to accomplish any damage control; it's horde mode at 11 and never stopping, and your pudgy ass is never gonna outrun those zombies unless you abuse the level design. You're especially not gonna kill them fast enough with the weapons you're allotted, where only half can even ADS and they all fire like hot garbage; the shotgun, I swear, fires pellets made of depleted uranium, it is that useless. Mercifully, they all have infinite ammo during single-player, so nothing really stops you from picking the Light Machine Gun and spraying that the whole time from a ledge. Not very engaging, mind.

So after all that, what else is there to talk about? There's a shooting range....you shoot at a range. That's pretty much it. There're those profile stats I talked about...not really useful, since no one will ever play this game with you. You can...find a better game to play. That's a good use of your time, I find.

I can't really think of anything else. I just spent over an hour writing this, out of spite. For reference, I spent like 7 minutes even playing the game. What the fuck am I doing with myself? This 'game,' this total trainwreck, never should've survived judgment.

Good graphics, good controls, and good gameplay. Not too easy or hard either. I think this would work better as a downloadable game as opposed to a web game, but it is very good!

great game to play with friends, and a ton of weapons to use

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2.38 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2017
4:44 PM EST