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The first Step 5 Points

Kill your first enemy

A slippery slope 10 Points

Kill 150 enemies

FirstWave 10 Points


SecondWave 10 Points

Defeat Wave 2

The destructor 10 Points

Upgrade Bullet to max

The tactician 10 Points

Upgrade FireRate to Max

To keep the dead in check 10 Points

Kill 10 enemies

FifthWave 25 Points

Defeat Wave 5

Fourth Wave 25 Points

Defeat Wave 4

Killing them swiftly 25 Points

Kill 250 enemies

The Mechanic 25 Points

Upgrade Health three times

Third Wave 25 Points

Defeat Wave 3

Bounty Hunter 50 Points

Kill 350

SixthWave 50 Points

Defeat Wave 6

Not even a scratch 100 Points

Defeat a wave without getting hit

The Invader 100 Points

Defeat the Invader Ship

Author Comments

Made this game to prove to myself that i can prototype quickly. Its a clone of the classic invaders game.
There are 6 waves and a boss fight.The boss is really mean looking so be careful.
There are 16 medals to be unlocked.
Have fun.
Follow me : https://nitinkumar25195.newgrounds.com/follow
Other Games : https://nitinkumar25195.newgrounds.com
Itch.io : https://nitinkumar25195.itch.io
Assets: Fonts from Kenney.nl, Audio from Kenney.nl and SuperpowersAssetPack
PS: any bugs found will be fixed ASAP
Edit>>Health medal changed. Also changed the upgrade health option which now also rebuilds the base health by some points.

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Well notbad

So that was a decent game you have here I liked it, and has some nice vibe the ship was cool and there was some nice medals to try and achieve I enjoyed the game for the simple graphics and style I do however think more flashy effects are needed but for the mostpart this was a pretty good game you have here.

I do however think more flashy effects are needed


An alien invasion not succeeding due to random technical issues, all the while attacking a single ship with wave upon wave of a massive fleet! Humankind sure is strong. XD I like the twist on the classic Invader game, and the medals were fun to gain, but the Tactician one... man that one is HARD to get! Seems like I make it just one or two levels away each time, seems to require a fair dose of well-timed random technical error to accomplish... if those really are random? Overall good game.


nitinkumar25195 responds:

The range was set using some playtesting. So not completely random but still random. Thanks for the feedback.

fun and a lot of achievments 10/10 would play again:3

"The Conservative" seems impossible to obtain because the enemies spam too much and there's no way you can defend the huge broad side of a barn behind you with just smashing your ship into the enemy bullets (the intended way to play it to obtain this medal).

Also it does no good whether you concentrate on eliminating enemies evenly or more on one side or the other -- fact of the matter is the enemy fire rate is too high at present for this to be possible. Or in other words prove to me that it is possible because I'm pretty sure as-is it's mathematically impossible. And no one has it, even among the greatest medal hunters on the entire site.

Change that fire rate or make it so buying health upgrades also upgrades the base's health as well as your ship's. You really shouldn't include impossible medals in games. Hard, yes. Literally impossible, no.

Also lol at everyone saying how this game is "easy" yet clearly they don't have all the medals so not so easy, then is it?

nitinkumar25195 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. There will be some changes in the new update.

pretty good concept, but I found it extremely easy and short. Maybe you could add more waves or create a sequel.

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2017
2:26 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight