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Author Comments

You must control the unnamed character through all of the levels to reach the end of the game. Collect the golden key to advance forward in the silhouette themed game.

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As one of the CREATORS of this game, I have to let everyone know that this was a project our group had to create, and most of us are not even going into Game Design. This obviously isn't a finished game, but we were required to post it on here. Enjoy it for what it's worth- Construct 2 was a real pain to use, and is what caused a lot of the lag and annoying sensitivity- trust us..we know. I hope that you can see it at it's potential, and not it's actual state- we probably will not fix it, since it was for class. Thanks!

I think I have to agree with other comments I see on here. I won't go as far as saying this sucks, because it does have potential. However, I noticed it took a little while to load, and then even after it loaded it became really laggy overall for about 5 minutes as if it were still loading everything all over again as I was playing (yes I do realize games do have to load after starting). Controls are also either really laggy, or just don't work at all which is unacceptable for a platformer. i also noticed sometimes you don't respawn at all (using on Chrome, not sure if it happens on other browsers), and I have to reload the page. Like I said, does have potential, and I would love to try an updated version.

You can't have broken controls on a platformer and being touched by a enemy make you die in loop.

Has potential but I encountered several game-breaking issues in this version.

- running and jumping is buggy, does not work most of the time. this is unacceptable in a platformer
- I receive "out of memory" after the "key level" (using Opera browser, the game goes black in Chrome after I click start)

I like the animation but sound is really needed here as is some gameplay diversity. Perhaps you would like to look up a game called "One Fine Day" here on NG. (was released in 2013) because your game seems very similar to it.

Looking forward to playing a working version of this game. I'll be sure to vote more stars on the left side once you fix some of the issues.

The start screen took too long to load.
The controls always hit or miss, and I have to spam the arrow keys to actually move forward instead of holding.
Everything is just distorted stock images with nothing to them.
I honestly thought the game crashed when the delay to the next level happened.

If you stand on a rat for a while, first time the death animation plays you won't respawn, you only respawn when you jump off of it.
There's this snake in the level when keys are introduced who's covered up by the terrain, and when he's covered up and jump, you'll die.

This. (go to https://goo.gl/th33GM for the pic)

Why don't mice have animations?
Why does this game make me want to vomit?

I just can't review it anymore.


Credits & Info

2.03 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2017
11:17 AM EST