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The Astral

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Its spring in the Underbrush Woods, and an astral wakes from its hibernation.

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Very beautiful Movie

And every now and then as I skim thru-out the portal I will find me something wacky and crazy but then Ill find something as unique and different as this one. Yes I must say this is a beautiful piece of work you have going here, everything from time laps, to the "MUSIC" wich was a really good choice, the amount and use of "COLOR" was pretty amazing too, the character was cute, and this film must have taken you a really long time, its a masterpiece, I will make this one of my faves now, really good stuff here. A unique piece of film here and I have enjoyed what you gave us here and showd us into alittle bit of your world of design with this one.

I like the simplistic color tones but wouldnt mind more texture and meshes within the characters to stand out from the scnes and backrounds. just an idea though.


The atmosphere in the beginning feels a bit like the land of Brackenwood, albeit with less detail. It's just as ambient and beautiful though, and even if some things seem to get simpler with time, especially with close-up's on that one guy, that impression remains. I feel like the faces make it lose some of its mystery and magic... like it turns from that fantasy to cartoon, a bit, but the mood stays consistent either way. The world keeps turning. Days go by. Weeks. Months. Years? Not sure how long, but the mood grows strong. Very nice beginning and end.


Loved the backgrounds at the beginning. I liked how the characters looked without line work. And the music always awesome. Keep up the good work

Even when not too amazing with its animation, "The Astral" leaves very emotional traces. With its landscapes, story and the music. god damn the music. I can guarantee that it would leave a lot less of an impact inside viewer if visuals and music would be presented seperately. Very touching and beautiful, yet simplistic at parts.

I give it:
5/5 for story
4/5 for visuals
3/5 for animation
5/5+ for the atmosphere
5/5 for music

Great work :-)