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Animo: Enter Divine (pt 1 and 2, Episode 6 and 7)

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Season 1 Episode 6 : "Enter Divine (Part 1)"

Season 1 Episode 7 : "Enter Divine (Part 2)"

Production Code: LAB06 & LAB07

Original Release Date: December 12th, 2017

Offline Release Date: December 17th, 2017

The series finale of "Animo", an animated series created by Bluestone TE in 2015 centering around the Sci-Fi adventures of Koplins, Denman and their friends, allies, enemies, and whatever else!

-- Part 1 Description --

Divine's tech company, Empire Universal, recruit's Koplins' friends,

Jord and Sam. Jord and Sam argue that joining Empire Universal

isn't a bad idea, but Koplins doesn't trust Divine, especially after

he stole his time machine technology.

Characters present in Part 1:

  • Koplins Bluek
  • Divine Bluek (Main Story & Flashbacks)
  • Denman (Cameo)
  • Sam Wiley
  • Jord (First canonical appearance)
  • James Canterbury (First Appearance)
  • Unnamed Empire Universal Ad Voiceover person (Only Appearance)

- Part 2 Description --

When Koplins finds out that Divine is brainwashing his new employees,

he teams up with Denman to hack into Empire Universal's servers

and take him down. However, it turns out Divine has repurposed the time-travel

crystals from the time machine he stole into an elemental gun.

Characters present in Part 2 (SPOILERS INCLUDED):

  • Koplins Bluek
  • Denman
  • Divine Bluek (Apparent Death)
  • Jord (voiceover only)
  • James Canterbury
  • Numerous miscellaneous former Empire Universal employees

-- Part 1 Credits --

Story & Animation By: @BluestoneTE

Special Guest Star: @SamWiley as Jord & Sam Wiley

Animo Theme By: @WhittyJr

-- Part 2 Credits --

Story & Animation By: @BluestoneTE

Animo Theme By: @WhittyJr

Special Guest Star: @SamWiley as Jord

Note: This wasn't supposed to be the series finale and was supposed

to instead set-up a second season which was supposed to start in 2018,

this however did not end up happening. Because of the non-existent status

of season 2, there is a lot of missing context in this episode so some moments

may appear nonsensical or confusing.

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