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CactuarUnknown's BattleGrounds Royale

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After eleven years of no Cactuar and Tonberry, the boys are back for chicken dinners.

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Hey bro my name is Adam I have been a big fan of your cactus and tonberry videos since I was a child back in 2003 please continue to make tonberry and cactuar videos you deff have a audience even if it’s just the select few of us that are your audience nothing beats a good ol tonberry cactuar vid they are priceless :D

Is the 2nd best animation i've seen in NG

Thank you for reviving my childhood memories!

hahaha, that's what fkn happens on a lawnmower at top speed. That had good flow,many thanks :) :)

I can't believe a new episode of this godly series is back. Your voice definitely has changed and Cactuar is much less the idiot he was, tonberry less a cynic, now playing this more like a sitcom of two different friends who aren't such extremes. I actually liked that quite a bit. I hope Crazy Boris is not done making more. Loved the other enemy designs as well.