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hey look who decided to do ldjam again lol. try and see how far you can go!
not much content as id hoped to include, but thats just how it is when you have 48 hours i guess

arrow keys - move, go through doors
z - jump
x - charge, pick up items
c - drop items



totally update this

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Not enough information given on how to attack, nor how items are to be used. Epic fail.

Fun but a bit lackluster. It's amazing you managed to do such a game in only 48 hours, but it would have clearly gained from working the kinks. The gameplay is fun, the charadesign is engaging. There is not much to the level design and the ennemies but then again, in 48 hours it's pretty good. The issue I have with the game would be that the theme kind of work against it. The optimal way to do the game is to take none of the items. Even if you pick just one you are prevented from hoping up to two squares of height, meaning it's probably better if you pick all 3. The game is fun, but it ceases to be when you get too much stuff. And I get it, it's supposed to be according to the theme of the ldjam, but you make it seem like there could be a choice in gameplay when you obviously want the player to pick as few item as possible. Maybe you could have added some walls you could only destroy if you had the sword for instance, or maybe flames you could only cross with the shield ? it's pretty decent as it is. I dont know if you noticed too, but you can use the invincibility you gain from damaged ennemy to just carry on. Hit an ennemy, pass their hitbox when they're red, and keep carrying on. They dont go after you, even the flies, so if you're skilled enough you can just outrun anyone and pick at the slime whenever you need health, they dont even turn back until they hit a wall so youc an easily pick them off since the game is so forgiving healthwise. In the end I had a good time well done.

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It's really good, I like the design and the character looks really good and to inventory thing reminds me of skyrim

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Pretty nice platformer. I liked battling the flies and blobs using dash mechanic. As I understand it is supposed to illustrate the Ludum Dare 40 theme: "The more you have, the worse it is". I found that carrying just one item is optimal and my item of choice was sword with + 3 atk, so that I could kill all enemies in 2 hits, only the last toughest species of blobs (from level 6 on) take 3 hits with it. Before getting a sword I would use a knife.

I think it would have been better and add a lot more depth to the game if it made players sometimes drop their items and switch to other items based on circumstance more often. As it is now the sword is simply the best item and no switching is necessary. I got to level 13 carrying just a sword I picked up at level 3. The levels repeat themselves after level 6 anyway so you can consider that you beat the game if you complete level 6, or maybe level 7 if you consider that they are supposed to come in pairs as previously levels 2 and 3 were similar and 4 and 5 were similar.

There is one very serious mistake game developers made - assigning X key to both attack and pick up items. Many times I got hit or even died because I wanted to attack the enemy but picked up an item instead. What should have been done instead was to assign jump command to UP key, which stands unused as of now. Then you could assign pick up command to Z key, so that X remains to attack only. There is also no need to confirm the pick up with pressing they key again too, just make the knight pick the item up quickly.

Despite the clumsy controls and the idea of managing items not quite working out, the game is still fun, which is the most important.

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3.25 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2017
11:19 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop