Finding Christmas: A Family Tradition

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The first episode of a two part animation story about how people celebrate Christmas in different ways. Meet a family, and, with them, explore their traditions leading up to Christmas Eve.

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To be honest, I didn't thought that an animation who's main characters are the ghosts from Pac-man, who got married and got a kid now, would be so good when I started watching this.

What a pleasant surprise, I must say! This is a touching cartoon, with a wonderful christmas-theme, just perfect to get you in the mood for the season.
Thank you, this really helped me to get my mind of the "Do I have all presents ready yet!?"-thoughts and reminded me of the true spirit of Christmas. Wish you happy holidays!

jene-e-edwards responds:

Thanks so much for the kind words! Happy holidays to you as well :)

Why is the score so low? This is wonderful! It's my favorite Christmas submission of the year! Well, I haven't seen that many. I thought these guys were maybe ghosts. At first, I thought they were Christmas trees themselves.

This had such a sincere feeling to it. The music was amazing. I'm glad there's a second part. I was afraid it would turn out to be too violent or something. It was instead a heartwarming cartoon.

jene-e-edwards responds:

Not sure what you mean by the score being low, it plays quite well on any device I play it on. Perhaps its your speakers? The second part will be released soon, in the coming weeks, hope you'll check in to watch it when it goes live!

Very Nice. Really Show That Christmas Isn't Just Presents And Money, Its A Time To Spend With Family. Would Rate 5 Star If The Animation Had Some More Frames (When The People Are Turning It Looks Like Only 3 or 5 Frames)
Great Job Though!

jene-e-edwards responds:

Thanks so much! That's a fair critique, I had issues getting that one turning sequence to work well so I ended up ditching half the frames and utilizing AE instead of hand drawing the turn.