Pajuu - Always With You

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Short story driven side scroller, about a small fox named Pajuu.

Hold SHIFT - to Warm Up

Press SPACE - to Jump

WASD - to Move

The scarf is your resource like health, while you hold "Shift" he slowly fades away. Using it is indicated by sound and a white glow on the scarf.
When the scarf is gone you aren't able to heat up anymore.

!!!Spoiler alert!!!

The scarf represents the mother. Her will and love guides her child trough the relentless cold and warms him on his path to the better place where she wanted him to bring.

!!!Spoiler alert!!!

Created in 72 hours for LudumDare 40.
You can find our entry here:

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Music by:

Mattia Cupelli - Emotional Sad Piano Music

Bensound - Piano Moment

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My heart. My soul. I enjoyed this game, the art was absolutely beautiful and the music was perfect. I love foxes, so this really did break my heart at the end, despite it being a little obvious.

Beautiful graphics and eloquent visual story, but very basic gameplay, nothing but jumping and heating up yourself, and very short like the description says.
The best way to maintain heat is to keep moving to keep blood circulating. Standing and cuddling yourself or your wet snow soaked scarf won’t help in cold.

I died several times because the controls weren't responsive enough. However the art, animation, and music is really amazing. Keep the good work

I had some minor problems with the controls, but the game is visually pretty and the graphics are good. Poor fox.

Well this one had a pretty sad and emotional story. And it didn't even need dialogue or narration. A pretty simple side-scrolling platformer, that presents the story of adventure but also of maternal love. The heating up mechanic was pretty well thought of, and with the exception of certain edges the game wasn't too difficult. The best thing about this game was definitely the music and the atmosphere it created. There is one little thing that I don't get and that is just how exactly does this fit the ludum dare theme...? I've seen that this has been made in 72 hours, so I assume it's been made for the ludum dare compost, but I can't see if that had a different theme, and well... it just doesn't fit with this game. Anywas this game is my 2nd feature in my let's play video right here: https://youtu.be/X5NOIGDNHH8 . It was a pretty lovely experience altogether, so keep up the good work.

Samurai-Spark responds:

Hey caramida9,

at first thank you for your review!
As we mention on our entry page, the basic idea was “the more the player uses his mechanic, the worse his situation gets“ The mechanic being the warm mechanic and the situation in this case is the snow storm and your danger to freeze to death. So the more you use your scarf to warm up, the more it fades away, increasing your exposure to the cold.

We hope you enjoyed it :)

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3.69 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2017
10:34 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other