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The Great North Pole Escape

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Author Comments

I made this old school style text adventure for the Lewd Jam this year. It's a fairly short game, both due to having a time limit and because I don't want to take too much time away from my main project, Adventure High.

Walkthrough: http://changermcgame.blogspot.com/2017/12/the-great-north-pole-escape-released.html

If you enjoy my work, consider supporting my Patreon where you can get early access to new game updates, high res artwork from my games, and the ability to vote on polls related to the games. https://www.patreon.com/Changer

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Broken. Needs to be remade.

Game got a bit frustrating because I could try many things, and get no response at all.
For example:
Push / pull / lift / unlock deadbolt, Open door, Go North, etc
Some response to let the user know you heard them, and that the command isn't understood, would be helpful.
You're also within the 3 year window of the game being released, so some repairs are typically expected, but I know you're working on other things.

I get that it is a text adventure, and I get the style, but it wouldn't be bad to have something appear when you open your eyes, instead of leaving it all black as though your eyes are still closed.

Maybe spend 20 minutes to "paint the room"?

All in all: the old school adventure game feel was interesting, and combining it with the modern "escape room" was a nice twist.

Pretty solid stuff for a text game commands worked good

Dude, the commands in this game are in desperate need of expanding.

Text games really shouldn't be case sensitive. The fact that the only acceptable command for looking at something is SPECIFICALLY "Look at", and that "look at", "look", and "check" do absolutely nothing is incredibly frustrating.

I know this was probably a one-off "just for fun" kinda game that you have no intentions of coming back to, but as it is, the game is functionally unplayable.

HypnoChanger responds:

It was a game jam game, so I had a short time period to program it. I wasn't able to program in every synonym possible, but I did try to program some synonyms where I could.

I really enjoyed it! I'm assuming you took inspiration from games like Space Quest while making this? For someone who enjoys reading this was a lot of fun for me. I took trying to find the right command to give as a little extra challenge :p

HypnoChanger responds:

Yeah, I was trying to follow the idea of older text based adventure games for it. I tried to add some synonyms for commands, but my vocabulary sometimes is strange. xD

Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2017
3:24 AM EST