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Coinminator 2000

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Author Comments

First of all, this game was made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 40 game jam. The theme was: "The more you have it, the worse it is".

You are Sneaky Roger, a greedy thief who wants to steal ALL THE COINS!!
But the more coins you get, the heavier it gets.
Can you carry it all to the end?

The game is a platformer and you can run, jump and even toss coins at the police robots. But don't worry, if you toss your coin at a police robot or a dumpster, you can get it back.
If you get more than 10 coins, you can toss a coin bag which turns off the guards, but you can't have the coins back. Coin bags tossed at dumpster CAN be recovered.
Find your way to take them all!

Arrows: Move Roger
Z or Space: Jump
X: Toss Coin
C: Toss Coin Bag Grenade (if you have at least 10 coins)

XBox Controller:
D-Pad: Move Roger
A: Jump
X: Toss Coin
B: Toss Coin Bag Grenade (if you have at least 10 coins)

Issues known:
- Avoid MS Edge and other browsers which don't support .OGG sound extensions, otherwise you'll play silent;
- If you don't have WebGL, the shadows casted from objects will become pure black and the white text showing coins and your result will become black.

- Programming and Level Design: Victor Sette
- Art and UI: Diogo Batista
- Sound: Silent Partner

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The graphics sounds and mechanics of this game a r all very well done, but I find the backtracking required to collect more coins and get a better level score a chore.

Since there are no in game purchases and gold is useless, I didn't really care for gold and was content with just finishing a level, which is very easy if you keep like just 30 coins on you.