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Mushroom Délicieux

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Hi! This game contains flashy graphics and if you happen to have photosensitive epilepsy I would recommend not playing this game, sorry! :X

Walking through the forest feels great! But sometimes you get a little hungry... You're in luck though, because the forest is here for you in... Mushroom Délicieux!

The only controls are the arrow keys!

This is my entry to Ludum Dare #40! Jam mode because I ran out of time for Compo! ><

If you participated to Ludum Dare 40 as well, please rate the game and let me know what you think over on the Ludum Dare page! https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/40/mushroom-delicieux

Have fun!

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Haha, I like odd little games like this. What I don't like is timed games and enemies in timed games.

But, aside from that, I LOVE.

I like pixel graphics, but this is too rough, a higher resolution would be nicer.

The gameplay is nothing special. Mushrooms could have a bigger impact contrary to potions for the game to stay true to it's name.

this thing seriously damage my brain.

I love the concept and I love how addictive it can get.

My only issues are that the graphics are a bit too pixelated and it hurt my eyes to actually play for a long time. Adding more detail or reducing the size of the pixels would help. The scoring system is also a bit unclear. It would be cool if you had a high score that you could beat instead of a level.

Otherwise this is a great game! Keep it up. :)

Hi nice job finishing the game!

I tried it a few rounds, but after that it got repeatative. I ran away from the monsters and collected all I could find on my way, but never got out of the forest. A real nightmare!

I like your idea and the realisation of it, but it is really difficult to keep playing the game, when the lights are flashing and you can't differentiate between food and foe, because you run, run and run until you finally are granted death. I can not find a reson to survive as long as possible and that is, what I am missing the most in this game. A clear goal. Or maybe it was to reach levell 7? I don't know because I did not want to continue after 2 rounds. I'm sorry.

Try to make the graphics somewhat bigger, so that you can add more details, or desaturate the colours more, so that it is clear, which things are pickups and what are enemies.

The mechanics of the game are GREAT! Clear GUI, simple controls and a huge variety of items and enemies. Good job on that part!

I hope i was not too harsh :/ But good game!

Trasevol-Dog responds:

Hey! That's totally fair!

The resolution is actually limited by the game engine I used (Pico-8) and I do have to admit I went pretty wild on all the colorful effects which makes the game kind-of a mess to play. :S
The goal is indeed to get to level 7 and beyond if you can. ;)

Thanks for the feedback! :)

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3.11 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2017
11:22 AM EST
  • PICO-8