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Famous Knight

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A Famous Knight with tons of fans.

"You are a Knight, under her Majesty Service, defeating Dungeons for your king. Only problem : you are too famous. Protect your groupies in the dungeons, defeat the 3 differents bosses, customize your character and enjoy playing"

Controls :
WASD/ZQSD to move
Mouse left to attack
Mouse right to dash

If you are Epileptic, please check the "Epileptic" Icon on Menu (escape).

A Game By Alexandre Villiers Moriamé, Pierre Louis Mabire, Arthur Solleau, Lucas Ferrantelli

LUDUM LINK FOR VOTE : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/40/famous-knight

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One of best free browser games I have played it just hits so many things right:
Here are things I want to praise this game for in no particular order:
- It has fullscreen and it even turns it on automatically. All games should have this in 2018, but not many do.
- The cursor is customized. YES! So many games forgo this and use the plain boring windows cursor. All mouse based games should have a themed custom cursor aside from a theme less puzzle games maybe like Lines.
- Both mouse buttons are utilized. Now this is a threat found very rarely in browser games, but I find it very important because it is not rational to leave right hand for only one type of button, both buttons used is very good thing, normal for desktop games, but so rare in browser games.
- A unique twist in experience mechanics, where you seem to gain experiance based not on the amount of enemies killed, but on your popularity which means fans rescued and then protected from them being a collateral damage in your fights. Interesting and original.
- Cool bosses! The animation with Knight and boss portraits doing the "common" move is great, the bosses have cool looks and their battles are interesting and fun.
- Great difficulty curve. Both subsequeantial levels and bosses are tougher then the previous.
- Fun combat mechanics based on dashing.
- The game has a very fine sense of humor, but I like how despite this the game-play is still serious and challenging at last level.
- I really like the music of this game. It conveys both the popularity hype aspect and the dynamic combat aspect of the game very well. Very fitting and nice music.

A few things why game is not perfect and I could not put a perfect score. It hurts my heart in this case but have to remain objective:

- The upgrade with turning all fans to chickens is no fun. Sadly when you reach enough experience to unlock Infinity upgrade it forces you to take it including the chicken upgrade. Sadly here is no way to turn it off. I prefer much better the colorful and funny crowd of different fans then uniform chickens.
- It seems this doesn't have in game mute button. A small thing since music is cool in this one, but still.

P.S Sorry for a late review, I did vote timely on this as submission of month trough.

Sigh...those fans, just like other npc aren'inteligent enough to know that they shouldn't walk right into a trap.

This game seems similar to "Mob, Inc." or at least inspired by it. pretty simple and nice creation.

Interesting Idea. Your skills deserved to be known by some major honchos. I hope they are hiring, would be great to see some more complex games developed by ya.

Fun game but what do some of the upgrades do?
(The blue hair one for example.)

Are they just cosmetic?

Rictus25 responds:

Yes it is :D