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Squirrel Puncher 4000! (Ludum Dare 40 Compo)

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“The year is 40XX and Cyborg squirrels have taken over the world. Now one stereotypical badass 80’s video game guy will defeat them the only way he knows how… with punches! Filled with unbeatable spirit, their advanced squirrel tech can’t stop him, only slow him down. He is determined to punch as many squirrels as he can before he is overwhelmed by pure squirrel might, with their nasty, big, pointy, teeth!”


Run through waves of squirrels and take down as many as you can. As time goes on, the alarm number goes up, the game gets faster and harder. Getting hit and defeating squirrels will also make the alarm rise. When it reaches a certain number(either 1000, 2000, or 4000 by run selection), the game will end and you can see your score. One run should most likely last from 5-15 minutes, depending largely on run selection and ability.


-Click on the screen to punch that location. Use arrow keys(or WASD) to move around.

-Rapidly punch blue spots when they appear to do damage to the squirrel.

-When yellow bullets appear, punch them to block them or you will get hit by them.

-Use arrow keys(or WASD) to move around. Use this to avoid the directions that flash red or get hit. (staying in the center and not moving will also result in being hit)


-You can punch/click the yellow bullets away at any point after they are shot, even when they are really small.

-The red attack pulses exactly 5 times before inflicting a hit. Move to the non-blinking side by then.

-If the click location is off, try scrolling to the top of the page or enabling full screen mode.

-The difficult curb on all runs is the same, the game just ends at earlier. Runs with higher numbers take longer and are more difficult by the end. Nearing 4000, the game becomes very difficult to borderline impossible.

Known issues:
-There might be a problem when the screen is scrolled that upsets the offset, causing the click location to be off. (This could not be resolved by standard means by the deadline) This does not seem to affect embedded or full screen modes though.

-While paused, the action stops, but the alarm number and time will still go up. This is not actually a "glitch", but intended as a feature when I was planning on adding upgrades and such. Just there to deter people from pausing too long on a run or by using the pause to plan their actions.

I made this game using just HTML and Javascript in Atom, no game-making software just many lines of code. The graphics were done in Photoshop, SFX in sfxr, and the music was assembled using sample loops in FL Studios.

Note: A Ludum Dare 40 Compo submission. Made in 48 hours, solo, with no pre-made assets or game making tools. So understand it's lack of polish)

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Yellow hitboxes could be acorns, maybe. The wasd movement feature seemed pointless, and the game could work fine as a clicker. The damage animation seemed unrelated to clicking the yellow circles, and there was no health stat I could see.

Music choice was pretty good for the style, and the green on black retro computer feel was on point. I could legit enjoy a more completed version.

ValklingFriendofAllT responds:

Thanks for feedback. I'm playing around with concepts right now. The "Health" stat is that the alarm number in the upper right that goes up when hit and, therefore, gradually makes the game harder and ends sooner. It's a bit weird, but that is just my attempt to keep with this LD theme "The more you have, the worse it is"and will probably reject that post-Compo. I went with the wasd movement for dodging because I want to make this into a more punch-out style boxer eventually. I was thinking of making the red attack be flashing sections of screen that you need to keep the cursor out of to dodge, but then I figured that would make the game pretty much a bullet hell. Not bad but not what I want to eventually do with it.

Take that you FN Squirrel!!!!

I had fun :) Good job dude!