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Substance LD40

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Collect Coins while avoiding dangerous obstacles, and be sure to get out before you die! The More coins you collect, the more dangerous it gets and the more that it is at stake. You only collect the coins you get if you make it back out. You must decide whether to keep going or to save what you have.

Made for Ludum Dare 40: The more you have , the worse it is.


There are various power ups that you can buy to help you out, but they may have some unwanted side effects. The more you have, the worse it is. Works best on Chrome

WASD or Arrow keys M to mute music.

Music taken from free domain.

Factory Time by Visager http://freemusicarchive.org/tag/video_games/

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Good job in creating this game! I like the simplicity and how fast you can join the game again.

The controlls are very reactive and get slow as you collect coins. nice idea.
But I agree with AlexTheGreatish. it is to easy to leave the game with coins. Although I always collectect the coins until i was full. I would suggest you, that you add more types of enemies for example with double dash or something like that. I started to activate them and then collected the coins :P

Some more suggestions: make some hindrance in the level, use the barrel to activate some switch, maybe to open the door to leave ;) And I would suggest you to change the font and background, but that is just my opinion.

Good Job!

This game is fun enough to play, but there are a few things I don't understand.

-Staying in the room for a long time
After grabbing five easy coins I cash in. After I cash in I can immediately continue playing and grab five MORE easy coins then cash in AGAIN. If I keep playing, I might get a few more coins, but since enemies start coming so fast at that point it's much too risky. If I get more than six coins chances are I'll lose all of it. There should have been coins worth more five coins later on, so that later in the game coins could really start being earned and really start being risked. As it is, even if I do rack up fifteen or so coins, chances are I'll accidentally run into the wheelbarrow before I go back to the menu and lose all of that money forever because of how hard it is to cash in the money that's in the wheelbarrow. Which brings me to the next thing:

Why would you want this? You accidentally bump into it a lot, losing your money because it's hard to push it back to the goal with all of the enemies going after you. I guess you're supposed to put your money in it during the middle of the round so that you could go and get more, but why would you go and get more when you could just cash it in and then immediately start playing again like I said earlier? The wheelbarrow would have worked if the money you put in remained when you start the next round, but that just isn't the case.

-Drink Powerup / Suit
What do these do? I thought they would give me one extra health to protect me from enemies, but if that's what they do they didn't work.

Sorry for what was probably a confusing, jumbled review, but this game could have been better.

Niborious7 responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

The amount of coins in each wave increases along with the danger. It might not be as much as it could have been, but you definitely get more coins faster the longer you stay in the game.

The wheelbarrow greatly increases the capacity of gold you can get at a time and also decreases risk. This is so you can stay in longer and get gold faster. Carrying more gold makes you slower, so putting it in the wheelbarrow can help you stay at higher speeds.

The powerups definitely work, but they only apply for the next game. There is an indicator at the top right of your health which is usually just one. It increases by one for every drink. You may have gotten hit without noticing, or you didn't realize that the powerups only last one game. The game could definitely improve on clearly presenting these mechanics.

I wasted a lot of time on this one, really good game for how simple it is

Niborious7 responds:

Thank You!

Credits & Info

2.61 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2017
11:50 AM EST