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The Fallout Equestria: Remains, is a side scrolling game. With Littlepip or your customizable character in the lead role, a huge assortment of weapons, creepy wasteland environments, raiders, monsters, physics, telekinesis, quests, skills and perks, excellent animations and much more.
Full web version: http://foe.ucoz.org/07/pfe.html
downloadable exe-version that works better and without bugs

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This game has soooooooooooooooo many bugs and glitches I can't get very far without being stopped in my tracks by a bug that won't let me go the the next level of the factory or I am not able to go back to the factory at all from home base. Please fix this as soon as possible, thank you. But other than that it is a good game.

you know for a game about cartoon horses after nukes based off fallout this is pretty good.

well... I played this and got the balefire phoenix... and he is really doesn't quite seem that good.. and do you know that alcohol that you can drink? welp, I drunk soo much that I had to wait 999 seconds until it wears off... it was a mistake though XD I found canterlot so hard I died like 20 times and I found a glitch that when I cancel the full screen and go to the armour in pipbuck I find my ponies smiling creepily and in normal she is emotionless...

An extremely well made game. I love the various mechanics for combat that the game offers and how they can be used in combination (telekinesis is very useful in this regard). I'm definitely looking forward to the next updated version.

However, it's not perfect, and there are a few negative points I'd like to go over in hopes of seeing them changed in the future.

-The Zero Point Energy Perk isn't very good. Throwing enemies into walls does minimal damage, if it does damage at all, and throwing objects into enemies does the same damage as dropping it or less. The horizontal 'throw' distance is also very short; disappointingly so. Dramatically increasing horizontal throw distance, even with heavy objects, and damage done by thrown objects or to thrown enemies would make this perk more worth getting. Causing thrown enemies to also get stunned would also help.

-The Sneak Bonus isn't really a bonus. Collecting all the golden horseshoes without being noticed gives you the exp you would get for killing all enemies still alive in the room, plus the exp from the horseshoes themselves. Killing the enemies after this gives you their dropped loot, but no exp, because you've already gotten it through the "Sneak Bonus." A bonus implies you get something extra to what you would have earned otherwise. The way this currently functions, the Sneak Bonus gives you less reward at a greater risk than if you use stealth to kill the enemies as you encounter them. Changing this so the Sneak Bonus gives you twice the experience of all enemies remaining in the room, or triple exp if you haven't killed any, by the time you collect all the horseshoes would fix this mechanic and provide heavy incentive for players to utilize stealth.

-I don't know if this is a design choice or a bug, but enemies summoned by alarms don't give exp, even if I pull the alarm. Just thought I'd mention it.

-The Socks Armor you get as a reward for completing the Bartender's quest should be a talisman/artifact instead of armor. It's effectively useless as armor; and as a reward for a quest that takes the whole game to complete, it's extremely disappointing. Turning it into a talisman/artifact would make it far more useful and actually worth getting.

-Looking back from a late-game perspective, the Firearms Skill line is not worth putting points into. Ammo for energy weapons is cheap and plentiful, most enemies have less defense against laser/plasma attacks than physical, and nothing is weak to Bullet-type damage. Adding a new type of common enemy that is resistant to 'magical' attacks but weak to bullets and physical attacks would make Firearms much more valuable.

-I love yet hate the two-sided nature of personal defense in this game. Armor is divided into three sets: Defense against physical attacks, Defense against magical attacks, and Stealth armor. Whatever your armor doesn't protect you from can destroy you in seconds, and later in the game, enemies and bosses can inflict both types of damage. Stealth becomes almost required because of this, and what armor to wear during boss fights requires knowledge of what damage type the boss mainly uses against you, which you'll learn through luck or after a few quick and painful deaths. I love the flow it creates in the game, switching between physical and magical armor at the start before encouraging you to take on stealth, but I'm really hoping the next update includes a quest to get runes imbued into my power armor so it gives me all around defense instead of needing to decide what I want to kill me within three seconds.

-Resistance provided by armor and necklaces don't add up properly. Electrical Resistance is a good example of this. The Dielectric Perk gives 25% Electric Resist. The Amulet of the Lightning Lord provides 30%. And the Moon Armor provides 50%. Together, I should have 105% Electric Resistance. But Dielectric plus Lightning Lord gives me only 44% Elec Resist, not 55%, and Dielectric and Moon Armor gives 60%, not 75%; in fact, using all 3 items only gives 72% Elec Resist. If this is a bug with the armor displaying the wrong numbers, it needs to be fixed. If this is trying to put limits on the maximum resistance the player can have, it needs to be shown, such as XX%/ZZ%, with the armors providing the amount of resistance they advertise.

Despite these issues, I still love this game and look forward to the next updated version.

It's great.