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You are trapped in a strange place and you must escape!

This game was made in Stencyl in about a month, about a month ago, for my brother's birthday.

His profile: https://joshuastone.newgrounds.com/

Music used is "Cylinder Two" by Chris Zabriskie


Lovely game. Looks similar to the scriptwelder games (who I love) and is still original. The only problems are that it's a little confusing as the items that you get work without your input which means you have to use less problem solving and more clicking randomly and hoping it works. The other problem is the lack of story. "You wake up somewhere you don't know. Get out." If a video game was a human body, the mechanics would be the brain, the controls the muscles, the art the skin, and the (back)story the bones. It doesn't matter how immersive or well controlled the game is. Without a good story, it's really not much more than a pile of art and controls, doing something and woo hoo, you win. It's boring. A story allows the game to have a purpose, reason, and meaning to what you're doing. It makes it interesting. It makes it fun. It makes the game good. That is what a story is for. Just like this one. Thank you for reading this spiel.

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AtomFox0213 responds:

Thanks! The reason for the simplified interaction is because I couldn't figure out how to make a better system as I barely have any experience making games. The lack of story was because I made this in less than a month for my brother's birthday and didn't originally plan on releasing it. I do have plans to make a somewhat similar, but better game in the near future and it will definitely have a story, though I'm not sure when it will be released (I haven't started on any development, I'm still in the early planning stage).

This game has a VERY similar art style to Deep sleep or Don't escape overall these are all great games including yours

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AtomFox0213 responds:


Very short, but fun to play. I like the choice of art and the responsiveness of the game.

liked it

Very good choice for music, for the game, even if I recognize some key concept elements similar with those from mr. Mateusz Skutnik's games, and a bit of Scriptwelder game atmosphere I got to say you did a very good job. For the haters out there, it's never a bad thing to be inspired by briliant people. The only thing that kept this game from becoming a masterpiece, is the lack of a story, and I don't mean the ''you wake up in a strange place, you gotta escape'' kind of story. To beter understand what I mean, you can take the examples from the most appreciated games like Submachine, The fog fall, Aurora, Deep sleep, The Sagittarian, Kingdom of liars, Alice is dead, Samantha Wins and many others. Without a story the game is an empty technical puzzle. It hurts to see only a partial brilliant game but at least I have to give you 5 stars for what the game could have been.

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AtomFox0213 responds:

Thanks! The reason this game doesn't have a story is because I only had a month to work on it because it was made for my brother's birthday, and I wasn't planning on releasing it when I started. I am planning on making a game similar to this one, with better gameplay and art and a story, though I'm not sure when it will be released.

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3.65 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2017
5:11 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click