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Drip Drop

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Extinguish the torch flames with the drips and drops of water from melting ice cube in this slow paced puzzle game.

This is not a mobile game, this requires a PC and mouse.

10 Levels, from easy to hard.

Leaderboard, top 10 from best times.

The game was implemented with ECMAScript 6 and Canvas, i tested it on latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox, let me know if you have any problems running the game.

Any feedback would appreciate it.
Hope you enjoy it.

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I really liked the visuals, the sounds and the "melting ice" effect. The sound loop great albeit very short.

What I don't like is when a game requires me to have a mouse with high precision to play it. I understand that it is a skill game but the gameplay here is all about making pixel perfect movement with the block.

I gave up on lvl 9. I felt that those two cages with two enemies in them were just over the top. I also could not stand the 3 second loop anymore.

I see excellent programming here, if you could make this game more of a puzzle game than a skill one I think people would rate it much higher.

jahepi responds:

Thanks Dhall for the feedback.

The two last levels are the most difficult ones, in particularly, lvl 9, you have to approach the cage enemies in special way, because if you try to enter the cage and escape from them, it is really difficult, you should take the special item to destroy them and make the things easier.

“If you could make this game more of a puzzle game than a skill one I think people would rate it much higher”

That is for sure a great idea, maybe i could work on something like that in my next creation.

Solid game. I encountered no bugs playing it. The name entering system at the end should be changed though; I thought the game was just saying 'AAAAA' either because of excitement or because my time was 'A-grade'.

jahepi responds:

Thanks Ultra4-JV for the feedback.
I am really happy you made it through the end, you are right, the name entering system is confusing, i am going to add some instruction text to make it clear.

This game seems to be one of the kind "did you even tried yourself?". Really, did you? The cube simply disappears from time to time without any reason. Ok, most often when i hold it over a torch, so you could argument with "it's melting". But on level 2 i couldn't even pass the first mimic. So no torch. Anyway, in the case of the missing cube, the level is over and should restart. BTW, a reset button is essential. I guess you would have realized this if you tried your game by yourself.

And that's basically the problem:
- Cube gone,
- but no reset button,
- reloading the page,
- have to start all over from level one
(to be honest, the fares i managed to get was level 2 one time because i needed about 6 tries to pass level 1 without the glitch or what ever you whana call it, before deciding to write you this)

Playing on win7 with FF, just for the case this helps you finding the bug.

jahepi responds:

Hi LDeins, thank you so much for the feedback.
I am sorry you had a bad experience with the game, i tested the game before posting it here in several browsers, i know that in terms of professionalism to publish something broken it is the worst you can do, so i would really appreciate if you could provide the Firefox´s version that you used when you played it so i can fix this bug as soon as possible.

Thanks in advanced and sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: The bug in FireFox has been fixed.