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Dracolich Platformer(sketch)

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Author Comments

run around and squash dastardly nights and avoid scalding lava in this poorly designed very buggy beta! You play as a young undead dragon for unrevealed plot reasons of which you will discover no more of as you play this one man band's futile attempt at entertaining game mechanics from four thrilling unnecessarily sharp difficulty curved levels! (sorry for the big watermark I just don't wanna lose my work)
EDIT: OH GEEZ I didn't expect it to get featured?!? haha wow if I had known I would have polished it a lot more @-@ I'm just a student and this is only my second year learning to code, I didn't expect it to get this popular! Thank you all for the positive and helpful feedback, I'll look into finishing a fully fledged reupload whoo boy

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My score is for the game as it is. I don't believe that demo's must be subject to easier standards then full games. I am convinced that the final game has the potential to be better.

The good part that is done well is the graphics, particularly the undead dragon himself. That's the cutest undead dargon I have ever seen. The funny double jump animation is really well done.

Now the bad things that need to be fixed:
- It's imperative that either the game screen gets increased or the scale must be zoomed so that more can be visible. It's a bad idea to force players to do jumps where they cannot see where they have to land.
- Game sometimes freezes for half a second during jumps, It doesn't affect gameplay but should be fixed.
- In the last level where dragon must jump on head of a knight to bypass a pillar - this mechanic is nice, but is incompatible with knights not regenerating after player's respawn. There are two knights on that platfom and this jump effectively reduces the amount of attempts left to just two even if the dragon has hull lives before that. So either don't make such jumps or make knights always respawn after dragon's death. I suggest the latter.
- Make the key required to enter doors different from jump key, because as it is now the dragon cannot jump when standing near door. Since entering doors is rare it can be some obscure key far from usual finger placement, like Enter or anything else.

If all these things were fixed I would increase my score from 4 to 4.5

I would increase my score to 5 if you added 6 more levels making a total of 10 levels, but to make those additional levels not repetitive you would also have to add a few more different traps - like fireball shooting statues, crushers, falling stalactites/stones, moving platforms and/or similar. You would also have to introduce health boosters to make it not too difficult to make it trough a longer game. I suggest placing an additional heart at each level on a path away from the main one, that would be a secret or semi secret. If all this would be well done my score would be 5.5.

Add an intresting storyline screen/movie in beginning and you would get additional +0.5 from me.
Add a rewarding ending screen/movie in the end and you get another +0.5 from me.
Add a boss mentioned in storyline in the end and you get another +0.5 from me if it is easy or based on patterns and an additional +0.5 if it is hard and unpredictable.

That's 7.5 so far (if well executed) and I think it's all pretty much mandatory to add these things to call it a proper game.

To make a great game and get a higher score (from me, most other reviewers are way more generous - but you don't want flattery from mediocre minds do you?) you would have to add a new game mechanic - a new ability for the dragon, maybe projectile attack or something else. And you would have to add projectile enemies like archers or magicians and some environment element that requires that additional ability to be utilized. To get a score of 10 from me the game should have around 20 levels of increasing difficulty with all these additional enemies, traps, pickables and environment elements and a boss in the final level.

I hope this helps to see some perspective. Good luck in developing the game further.

OMNIDAD responds:

aw nice thanks for the detailed feedback. Yeah the camera has been a persistent and well reported problem but I appreciate the ideas for future expansion. I assume the score numbering is not on the scale of five stars but hey easier to follow as a checklist format. I'm glad you like the animations ^w^ that's my strong suit, coding's a bit new to me, so developing a full game will take me a little while, but I can at least try to make it look visually harmonious. I don't particularly have much talent in the way of level design, so that might be where I have to start first, scrapping the levels I have now and building more carefully constructed ones, especially when I eventually add more environmental dangers. ah well I'm rambling. Anyway
thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to regard it as I develop the final

i like the unique art style and i like the music i will say however that the game can look bland at times and the platforming can be difficult to understand and execute because of things being out of sight and not being able to jump to certain places even when looking around for others ways to get to where you want to go.

OMNIDAD responds:

aw thank you. I can probably fix that by making the camera view wider yeah, and I maaaayyyy or may not overuse grey palettes ":3

I like the little animation, but when you say ''run around and squash dastardly nights and avoid scalding lava'' I can not do anything.

OMNIDAD responds:

a dangerous quest, indeed

Art style is good, so are the animations, some glitches though, like when you die if you hit space you can do the flying animation, and some better texturing, like the bricks dont really look drawn like the rest of the game, and some more enemies, but other than that its pretty good.

OMNIDAD responds:

aw nice thank you, I'll look into it

ware go/

OMNIDAD responds:

good question

Credits & Info

2.60 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2017
7:10 PM EST