Experimental Penis Pill

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Written and Directed by Jon Bershad

Jon Bershad
James Dwyer
Dave Murray

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the humor itself is for 9-year-olds that like genitals. no comparison to some work of other people on newgrounds.
however, the animation is round and well done.

for the humor-logic here, I think less would have been more. until 0:28 I didn't really understand the punch line, which is good for you. however, it came clear in that very moment the sound was same and the the speaker already summarized. by then, the only female character should have recognized what's going on or leave the situation. alternatively, this could have happened at 0:22. repeating the sound was off and kinda destroyed the joke a bit. the presentation of the punch line could have been way better.

sound, animation, style all good. humor and humor plot twist OOOOGAAAY

I have good news and bad news,

The good news is that this movie gives a pretty accurate expression of the additives used in all kinds of "medicine" made by the pharmacy.

The bad news, they won't test the shit on theirself >:(

Did I forgot to mention I have good and bad news?

Some nice little humour. Nice video.

Haha made me laugh

I laughed. And not a little.

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3.51 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2017
4:44 PM EST