Brick Breaker Intergalactic!

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Update v2.0!
- Added over 50 new levels
- Added new brick and level types
- Added new coin and life mechanics
- Added environmental art
- Added music
- Fixed a ton of bugs
- Various tweaks and improvements
- Released on Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ThreeDeeSauce.BrickBreakerIntergalactic

As always, please let me know what you think!

P.S. I'd like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to share their input on the last version. This update couldn't have happened without you.

[NOTE: Unfortunately leaderboards are blocked over HTTPS connection, so if you wish to use leaderboards you will have to disable SSL protection. Instructions can be found below.]


Leaderboard Fix:

1. Press on the little green lock to the left of the Newgrounds.com address bar.
2. To the right of "Firefox has blocked parts of this page that are not secure" press the [>] button to expand.
3. Press the "Disable protection for now" button.
4. The page should now reload with working leaderboards.

1. To the right of the Newgrounds.com address bar, press on the little shield icon with the red x.
2. Press "Load unsafe scripts"
3. The page should now reload with working leaderboards.


Pretty good, my only real complaint would be with the guard. I don't like that it gets wasted on things like the fireball or multi balls. I would rather it only worked on my final ball.

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Fun twist on Breakout, though I feel it gets kind of repetitive after a while.

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Awesome remake of breakout and interesting phone-compatible controls. Background design looks like it took a good bit of time to make and the power-ups are very interesting. Overall, it's a good game to waste your time on until your browser says "Out of memory". Aside from that, Awesome job!

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Nice looking breakout game. I made it to level 20 something, and the levels do get a bit slow with all the unbreakable and slowly breakable bricks. Too much time spent waiting for the ball to slowly bounce around. I could see that being good for someone who is just trying to relax - but then HIGH SPEED BALLS GOING EVERYWHERE. It seems like the game can't seem to decide what it wants to be.

I didn't try the leaderboard fix, but turning down security ("load unsafe scripts"?!?) isn't really an ideal thing to ask your players to do. Also, the full screen didn't work properly for me - it expanded beyond the edges of my physical screen, so I couldn't see the paddle.

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I couldn't connect to the leaderboard (chromebook), mabye that's my fault. Anyway, it's too easy imo and needs more powerups. Well done tho

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3.87 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2017
12:22 AM EST
Skill - Other