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No-Man Episode 1 Redux

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Edit: Huge thanks for the front page feature! <3

Ok here it is NoMan Episode 1 Redux!

For a while now it's been bugging me that people's first experience with No-Man could be... errr... the first episode. Now while I don't mind that it's a bit rough around the edges visually, (it was basically created as a short animation test during downtime at work) there is literally no plot, no joke nothing to the first episode other than No-Man yelling at this Kid.

As such I decided i would remake (aka write) episode 1 so that No-Man finally has a proper first episode attached to his name!

Appologies for this taking forever to come out. While I did try to make it look as good as possible, the delays were mostly due to life getting reaaaly busy this year and my daytime animation job draining most of my energy to animate at home. Hopefully next animation shouldn't take 9 months to finish!(LOL it's still not done, sorry guys) : P

Lastly just a huge thanks to my friend Liam for making the layouts for this episode, Brian, Saminat and my young cousins for the voice over work and to Cecameron for helping out with a few scenes!

And if you like this please share with your friends(or enemies)!


Mechanolith by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Happy Bee Surf by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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This is fantastic!! Great job everyone! Lots of good laugh moments

SuperPhil64 responds:

Thaaanks!! Thank you again for making the Theme of No-Man!

He apparently knew what the guy's power was. Why would he ask that question? That's like asking Cyclops to remove his visor. Kid brought it upon himself. Fuck that brat!

As expected, it's a wonderful animation.

SuperPhil64 responds:

Clearly this kid is neither very smart or very nice. : P

Also thanks for the kind words! : D

No-Man becomes a little difficult to understand from 0:29 - 0:38. I'd suggest not putting music with low volume narration / whispering or just making the narration louder next time. That's my only complaint, good content.

SuperPhil64 responds:

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. Mixing is something I'm constantly trying to improve since it's really not my forte so I definitely appreciate any feedback I can get. I might try to go tweak up that part a bit when I have a chance!

This was really good dude!!!

SuperPhil64 responds:

Thanks Mosh! : D

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2017
6:23 PM EST