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Lost In Nowhere Land 6

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After that disaster the boy fell off somewhere on a remote island. He know very well that he's not anywhere near any lands other than that island. Help him by searching throughout the island, collect the essential items, use them wherever needed and help him escape from that island to nearby island. By moving one island to another he may get closer to any country so that he can get home. Good luck...

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Decent puzzler, with above average difficulty, but below average plot and no dialogues and no interesting characters.

Excellent puzzle game! I wouldn't have found the shard if I didn't know that if you can click on a spot, there is something there still :)

There is no context to the puzzles, it's just random objects scattered across the island. The solutions are also too obscure (see below). The intro doesn't have sound, spelling errors and the text goes too fast to read.


For example, when you break the glass it is easy to miss that you can also pick up a shard. And then it makes no sense that you have to use it on the scroll. And then, even though it is easy to figure out that you need to use the calculator to convert the numbers on the head, it doesn't make sense why.

One of the best puzzle games in my opinion

I'm sure you didn't make this. Therefore, it does not belong on newgrounds. Plus, the website you stole this from also steals games from other sites, perhaps even including newgrounds.

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3.05 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2017
10:33 AM EST