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froggo does a thing

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Author Comments

Froggo was a happy little frog until one day his home was invaded by an army of floating tomatoes, at the sight of which he got mad, like...really mad. Froggo doesn't show his emotions very well, but trust me...he was MAD. He now wants YOU to get rid of the unwanted guests in a shitty action shooter game, so go get 'em!

Froggo is a lazy bastard...

On a serious note though, this game is obviously a joke and should not be taken seriously. Everything was made by myself in about 3 days just for fun. Other projects are W.I.P.

Also, ignore the ESC button, it only crashes the game in this version.

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Froggo does a thing is a joke game. It needs colored sprites and better details. Adding more levels and plenty of work would make it much better.

I wanted to love this game, but I just couldn't...

Just 1 level, this game got me good thinking every time I shot down all the tomatoes , they reset.
I kept thinking that it was a new level each time
Got me good! xD
I liked how just by pressing one key i kept looping from left to right and they come back from the other side !
Liked the pixel sprites, i thought they looked cute :)

Good Luck !

UmValent responds:

Thanks! ;)
I hope people don't forget that this game is a joke though lmao

Went into this not expecting much, frankly.
It- well, to put it simply- blew my mind.

The quiet, stoic frown of the frog as he tirelessly shoots the neverending army of tomatoes...
Then, the tomatoes, which, while all the same, all look real. They've got expression changes as they jump that really make you feel like they're just moving around, without a real concrete plan for the future... and then they suddenly just get attacked, and their whole world is thrown into danger and chaos.

Even so, their simplicity and similarity to each other really sends a resonating message: That even though we all are humans and all are trying to move to get somewhere in our lives, sometimes we reach (along with others moving about in their life) a totally unexpected scenario), and we're gone, just like that. It depicts, in a simple, looping, cartoonish drawing, how fleeting life can be even in the drag of our seemingly endlessly monotonous days.

The depiction of the unexpressive frog and the tomatoes lockes into a single cycle of expression suggests that even while we are all still our own people, there will always be hate and destruction in the world, and we're never going to be able to truly understand anyone around us. The game calls to you to sympathize with the destructor, Frogger, and remember that all the other tomato-people around you, while they may not look like much, are people, too, with real feelings and dumb thoughts and insecurities and hopes and dreams just like you.

I can tell it's a really raw, heartfelt message, and sometimes the expression of things on their most base level can't quite be said with words. I leave this game a little bit.. different, I think. And I'm pretty sure I'll keep thinking. I'll keep thinking for a long time, with this game.


UmValent responds:

Haha...either that, or I am simply really bad at programming. :)
Thanks for taking the time to write the review, you made my day good sir!

Credits & Info

2.55 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2017
4:24 PM EST