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Room 42

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Author Comments

Warning: It's highly recommended that you play the desktop version of this game instead. You can find it here for free (Windows only): https://akumugames.itch.io/room-42
The browser version featured on this site might run slow or crash on you along the way. You're warned!

Summary: You wake up in an unknown place with unknown persons, only to find out there's a strange outbreak outside that turns people into madmen with only thirst for blood. Your only hope for survival lies within thin walls. Will they hold until rescue arrives or will they break? That depends on you...

Thanks for playing! If you liked it, please consider donating to my Patreon so I can keep creating new stories!

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That was good, pretty difficult sometimes, oh also best to keep the doctor locked up that way you don't leave out anything helps to unravel the mystery much better, from what it looks like, it was a little of both it was a virus, but it also looks like the shadow creatures are not zombies at all, but actually something much darker and much more sinister from the other side, pretty dark, that cliff hanger though ordmand had us all fooled too, I hope you do make a sequel I wanna see what happens next.

I wrote my critiques well playing the game, so I apologize if it's a little too much. The first critique I can think of is that (and this is just my own personal preference though) to be able to click to change the text box, so I can control the reading speed. Though I can see why it was used the way it is due to how the timer is. I also think it would be nice if it was a little more interactive besides choices? At the current moment, this feels more like it belongs being a visual novel than anything. If that's what you wanted to do and just couldn't find a program to do it in, then I suggest Renp'y. It's free. With Cornia's and Ormand's 'voices', it seems the pitching is too high as it sounds more like a strange squeak. They just don't sound right. It gets a bit boring having to wait for events without anything to do. There's a small text error where it says "it's like they all banished." instead of vanished, just thought I'd point it out even though it is just a simple typo. When you watch the videos and you have the game on mute, it unmutes the game. An auto-save feature would be nice. The zombies are way too fast to the point where I can barely shoot them.
Anyways! The game is wonderful besides all this. I love the story and the ending was unexpected! I loved it. I'll be honest all the game I thought Ormand was a girl so that might have helped. I love the parts you drew yourself though, they feel very special. Thank you very much and I apologize for the wall of text.

??? I was really confused for a moment... I put my username "amesten" as my character's name, but my real name "Arabella" shows up in the story??? Is this just a coincidence or does it take your real name and put it into the story?

AkumuGames responds:

Just a coincidence :p


Great game, though the holes in the plot leave a bitter aftertaste

AkumuGames responds:

Do you mind to mention one :D? You can PM me :)

Great, until i reached a point where i could not move. It just stopped. Thanks for wasting my 3 hours, but other than that the story is great!

AkumuGames responds:

Did you play the browser or desktop version? Could you tell me where did you get stuck or what happened? You're the first reporting something like that. That should definitely not happen :S

Didn't you save? The browser version, as warned in the description, may be buggy >.>

Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2017
6:50 AM EST