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One Too Many Zombies

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UPDATE 1.001 released! Mini-map, revamped Z aggression and revamped weapon system included.

Top down shooter featuring both touchscreen and Mouse & Keyboard controls.
WSAD to move, R to reload and LMB to fire, or use the onscreen touch controls for touch devices.
Reloading discards your current weapon and reverts you to the default pistol. Use weapon pickups and medkits to help you survive. Use the minimap to locate the powerups and help you avoid the zombie hordes.

Touchscreen Controls work as follows:
Tap a direction to consistently move that way tap the d-pad center to stop. Hold and rotate on the right stick to aim and shoot. Shooting while moving is helpful to survival.

I used some assets from Kenney's first 2 megapacks, though many were modified in Affinity Designer and many were created from scratch. Now featuring a multitude of new custom weapon and bullet graphics.
I made the music and all the sound FX myself as well as programmed the game in Construct 3.
Please leave a comment if you find any bugs this is not a final release :)

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It's okay, but hey zombies is supposed to equal scary.

1 word - Awesome!
2 words - More guns!

I think it was really really well done.
The music was cool along with the sfx.
The zombies exploding sounded like from the game Cubito Mayhem on NG.
You should check it out, similar concept.

I strictly advise you to add in more weapon upgrades, because i thought it just wasn't enough for me to survive just with 2 gun types and it seemed repetitive and you kinda feel bored after a certain point.
Because in a game as you proceed in time you marginally get stronger and gain the ability to "survive longer and hit harder".

The game wasn't hard so that actually made up for the fact you need not become stronger to survive, with just a little keyboard skills you could move and kill easily :)

I survived for 740 seconds, killed 2658 zombies and my score was: 140200.

If I could do this with just 2 gun types and 1 weapon upgrade that lasted only for a short duration.
Imagine what one could achieve with more gun upgrades and types.

I personally didn't have any issues with the reload time, that is how any gun works.

More importantly this game requires a mini map, not well designed or anything just a plain one pointing where your current location is so that when a new upgrade or a med kit appears you could reach it to pick it up to make killing more efficient. I think you get the picture.
I'm pointing this out because I had to run around looking for the upgrades all over the map whenever I heard the sound of a drop somewhere.

But after hitting the 90,000 mark it kinda started lagging or the performance dipped, not sure if it was because of my computer hardware or the game. It slowed down a bit for some time and then again got back and this kept repeating. I hope you check this out.

Finally when I die the game displays my current score as the high score when I played it for the first time, that is how it must work. But later when I played the second time and died my current score was displayed as the High score, meaning my previous High score of 140200 disappeared. I think that should be fixed, so that every user has a high score registered to their own accounts.

This game was well executed, in my opinion it could definitely do far better.

Really appreciate the amount of effort you put to make everything on your own.
Well done and Good Luck further !

Fatal-Exit responds:

Hey, thanks for the review :D

I'm impressed you gave me so much information to work with :)
A minimap might be a possibility, I've no idea how easy that'd be to implement but I could certainly try.

The game is certainly easier with KB&M controls, I actually added them in at last minute to make the game more playable to a larger percentage of players on the web.

Sorry about the score issues I might have messed things up there, I'll recheck the code, but if you're playing in the same browser it should theoretically stay.

The limited amount of guns/powerups could use a rework, however it was meant to originally be about a 2 minute mobile game in terms of survival times, so it wouldn't matter loads to that demographic. However I could totally rework the powerup system making every powerup a unique weapon, maybe with an ammo limit rather than a time limit, and after you run out you revert to your default weapon.

Thanks for all the info, it's really helpful in seeing how I can advance this game/future games.

Pretty cool game, Haven't played it but i will get to playing it soon!

Great game, responsive keyboard controls. My only real complaints are that it takes too long to reload and you'll get too many zombies on screen so you die by lag alone.

Fatal-Exit responds:

Thank you very much for your review :D
The keyboard controls were actually put in second to the mobile controls, the game is much harder to play with the touchscreen, so you generally don't get to the point where you die from lag.
The keyboard mode is a bit easy right now. Reloading can be re-balanced if necessary but thanks for your feedback on that.
I maybe can put a hard limit on the zombie spawns or else modify the zombie AI to be more aggressive and dangerous, but I also don't want to turn the mobile game into something impossible.

With a bit more content and a polish this would be great.

I don't like the score in the middle of the screen in huge letters and it looks a bit strange with zombies passing in front of it.

More levels, weapons and maybe some abilities would be great.

A leaderboard would be pretty cool too.

The mechanics are nice and solid though and I didn't notice and bugs so great job so far.

Fatal-Exit responds:

Thank you very much for your review :D
The game is certainly set to have more content - levels and weapons/powerups added if people are interested.
I understand your complaint about the score, the thing is the game was primarily focused around being a mobile game set to release on UWP and Android, I decided to add the keyboard controls later at the last minute, and launch it on web first. I honestly think mobile players would appreciate the score being there, though I could always customize it for players on KB&M.
A leaderboard is certainly a possibility though I'm not sure how easy I'd find it to code that in. Anyway huge thanks for the review and if you've any more information you'd like to share with me on the game feel free to leave a message :)