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All Your Pie

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Not quite sure where this one came from... I guess I just wanted to take a break from video game parodies. Once again, this cartoon features two of my orginal characters: Ark and Kerrigan. It's good clean fun. So, can Ark resist eating the yummy pie?


1) Dispite it's name, this is not a All your Base parody.
2) However there is a All your Base Parody in the movie.
3) Check out the credits, there is a Kerrigan FAQ button so you can learn a little about her.
4) There is a annoying bug in the FAQ that plays sounds from the credits when you press the back button. Sorry... can't get rid of it.
5) The song that plays on the radio is "Simple and Clean" from the game Kingdom Hearts.

Update: Added subtitles.

***Flash Movie #7***

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Timeless classic. I still watch this video like every six months lol

I watched this when I was a kid and its still funny to this day.

LOL, I remember growing up with all these years ago as a teen, so funny and random. XD

Sadly, funny flashes and maybe a few action ones were all that I watched back then. :( I might have missed out a lot of other good stuff too. :O I tried to look up a few now, but I'm not sure how much I liked them so far. :? I guess I'll keep trying though. ^^;

But um, yeah, I love the Kingdom Hearts reference, Gladiator, and Mentos stuff, plus Zero Wing in the Credits. XD

One of Joey's best flashes, this is still hilarious and quotable.

Ahhh the majestic space duck!