Pkmn: WoC Ep2 Remaster

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Here's the remastered version of episode 2 with voices. I've dropped the interactive battles and rewritten the script a bit from the original. I'm retconning the whole Gardevoir being a Shadow Pokemon thing. It isn't really mentioned much after episode 6 and creates some continuity problems later, plus it was never really necessary.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments. What parts did you like or didn't like?

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But the interactive battles were what I LOVED about this series the MOST!!! (:-;)
Anyway, the fact that you put in voice acting is enough for me to give you 4.5 Stars in this review. The removal of interactive battles was a reason for me to not give you a full 5 star review here.

Yes! YES!!! Actual voice acting aside from the definitive main character! THANK YOU

I guess it would be too much trouble to keep the Shadow Pokémon subplot given the circumstances required to purify one of those. Would have to either sneak Celebi into the story or have Teejay travel to the Orre region's Relic Forest in order to purify Gardevoir. And since the notes for the Purify Chamber weren't much help in the original series, it'd be too big of a deviation from the main plot. So I understand your decision, and will wait to see how much that helps move the plot along.
On a side note, I really enjoyed the extra bits of comedy in this one. And it's interesting how this version's Gardevoir has an underdeveloped sense of right and wrong, and joins Teejay over Sara for personal reasons. I have a feeling that attitude of hers will get her in trouble someday...
Looking forward to the rest of the series. Let's keep that momentum going!

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Glad to see this series still going strong.
Can't wait to see the next remastered episode or the next one in the series, whichever comes first.

Nice, I was looking forward to this.

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Nov 14, 2017
6:47 PM EST