Pmation: "Shock And Roll"

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Produced by Ross Bollinger
Directed by Sam Johnson
Animated by Yuri Custodio
Music by Brendan Cooney
Storyboarded by Pieter Jan Kuperus
Sound Design by Ryan Boone
with Cameron Kane
Voices by Oswald Garrington
Compositing by Francis Florencio
Title Card by Dane Georges
Coloring by Nadya Butylina
Assistant Production by Cameron Jones

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Now you really got me interested from the start on this "ESPECILY" with using the pencil right from the start, as an idea you should have two artists drawing on the same paper that would create a wild animation episode, These are always so colorfull and entertaining you really know how to make all these episodes pretty fast too they are pretty entertaining though and the animation is as always smooth and stream lined for some success, very amusing its just a good little series you have here and Im glad I have the opertunity to review a few of these, but anyways nice work here, some good stuff. so keep up the good work. But anyways as this review comes to a close, I would like to take this time to say this was pretty good and in some ways a bit unique those are things you dont see all the time, but with that said hope to see more of your work especially if its like this, but anyways great job on this one, Hope to see what you come up with next. and hope its even better.

as an idea you should have two artists drawing on the same paper that would create a wild animation episode


why the pencil always torturing blue dude

Very nice. Where do you fine the time. GREAT JOB!

I was quite impressed by this. I knew it would be too dark to actually show someone being electrocuted like that. Well, not way at least. I like how he's still in the chair. The facial expressions were great. I especially love the blue guy's eyes.

It looks like he's already being shocked! The title's kind of a lame pun. Then again, we're used to that. The length was great too. It was a perfect multiple of doubling (as in if you multiply one second over and over this leads to a common factor).

So nice to see the expressions being enjoyed! :D

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3.99 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2017
9:27 AM EST