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TheBruvs - Talking With Dinosaurs

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Watching TV with Chanterelle becomes a revelation for Doug and Den Bruv. Meteors, dinosaurs and big craters crop up and cause a seismic shift in their knowledge. Or not. But Chanterelle becomes a force of nature herself proving she is more than just a tan.

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The sound and speech is absolutely fantastic in this movie.

The facts and symbolism presented are interesting and fit well in the plot of the movie.

The characters are also very well animated - they fit perfectly certain types of people.

What is unbelievable is the tanned bimbo being so interested and educated about dinosaurs, that's why my score is not perfect. The whole - man dumb, female - smart trope is annoying.

TheBruvs responds:

Thanks for all comments. The film possibly needs to be taken in context with our other 16 films. In previous films - Parachute and Half Baked, Chanterelle is presented as a bit dumb. BUT there was always more to her. Sadly, our limited resources and other demands meant we pressed on with other films before returning to Chanterelle to show her "other side". It's not meant to be about Man Dumb, Female - smart. It's about these guys underestimating her. Our aim is to move all the characters on in more episodes to come. We hope you stick with us. We are working on them as fast as we can. Thanks again for the comments - do check more of our stuff at TheBruvs.com


The way you put irony and into every second of the whole series, I love it.

The animation itself is very sound. Your characters are depicted very clearly and contrary to other pieces on NG you allow various styles (like the 3D Panda in The Gallery). Although there is so need for any effects in your production you click every artistical taste bud a man has with your lip-sync and mimicry, not to mention bruises (The Dentist), lighting effects and body language (Rude Word). I mean, it might be me watching lately to many stick figures or Cyanide-alike characters with nothing to present but ideas, but you have really brought the body language back into the ART.

And speaking of that not only the body lnaguage is fantasmic, your whole ability to script the situation just bambozzled me with your ideas and the results of bringing them to life in The Bruvs series.

Sound is clear and its great contrast to put Dan's voice so high pitched. You clearly know how to create a character using even only your voice.

I hope The Bruvs continue, and once they finish, bring to life another, wonderful project into life, hopefully to be aired in NG

Score for series:
4.5/5 on animation
4/5 on sound
5.5/5 on the ideas

TheBruvs responds:

Thank you - most exciting to read. Very much appreciated. You might take a look at TheBruvs.com - we have 17 films so far. More in production. We only just discovered NG. More fool us. Please check our other films - and maybe visit us at FB, twitter or insta. All pretty much @TheBruvsTV - all welcome. Thank you again. And thanks for taking time to write such a detailed review.

For some reason, something always goes "off" when the Bruvs are around. Love it! Great animation too!

TheBruvs responds:

Thank you. Yes... must be something in the water. We are late-comers here. More fool us. Loading as fast as we can. But we have 17 films at TheBruvs.com and love to have new friends on twitter, FB or insta. We arevtrying to reach as many folks as possible. New films in production. And more Off stuff. Thank you again.

Always good!

TheBruvs responds:

Thank you. Appreciated. You might visit TheBruvs.com - we have 17 films. We are looking to spread the word. All help most welcome. Thanks again.

I like this. Comedy at its finest. Great! However, it does not feel like a 'TheBruvs' episode. Just a one-off animation.

TheBruvs responds:

Thank you - interesting. Guess that's because it is a different pace, no major violence... May be. Thing is, we always wanted to move the character of Chanterelle on after Half Baked but we got carried away with other eps where Doug and Den cause mayhem. This was partly to redress that. Also we love dinosaurs. So we might have got a bit carried away with them. Also our plan - if we have such a thing - is to develop TheBruvs into more a sitcom. So more domestic life comes into that. We are a ways off that yet - unless we land a major commission. Be assured - we have 17 eps at TheBruvs.com - most include a nice punch up. Also, the next ep which is in production has it share too. Thank you again.

Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2017
11:54 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place November 10, 2017