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A visit to a gallery does not go well for Doug and Den Bruv as they try to get into culture and art. They know what they like - and they don't like much. So modern art especially proves hard to swallow for the brothers. Soon they are making an exhibition of themselves.

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Front paged and Daily second place. Nice! Love seeing the Bruvs get luv on Newgrounds.

TheBruvs responds:

Thanks - we luv you right back.

I actually agree with them that most modern art, similar to that in this movie is bollocks.

TheBruvs responds:

Thank you - endorsement is always useful... Glad you likedthe opinion. Hope you liked the film - and our other ones. We have 17 at TheBruvs.com - we found this place very late - More fool us. We also welcome all at our FB, twitter and insta - @TheBruvsTV - If you liked us please tell others. We are trying to grow to make loner and more eps. Thank you again.

Not bad.

TheBruvs responds:

Thank you. We are so late finding this site. More will go up soon. But we have 16 films at TheBruvs.com - and you might check us out on twitter, insta and even FB. If you fancy. Thanks again. Hope you like our other stuff. - TheBruvs.com / @TheBruvsTV

I'm hooked. Definitely a fan of this series. Great animation. More please!

TheBruvs responds:

Thank you. Great to hear. We only just found this place.. More fool us. We have 17 films at TheBruvs.com - and we're on FB, twitter and insta. lease come find us there too. We will post more here as soon as we can. Please tell others about us. Thank you again.

The poor panda :dd

TheBruvs responds:

Yeah. We know. Ouch. But no cartoon pandas were actually harmed... We have 17 films at TheBruvs.com if you fancy. We are posting here as we can. You might even join us on FB, twitter or insta. We are trying to let people know about us. All help much appreciated. Thank you again.

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3.74 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2017
11:51 AM EST