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Alien Harvest

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Dylan Burke is finishing the job his father failed to complete on LV-426. He must be stopped.

Keep exploring until you collect 12 eggs and then you can stop this nightmare once and for all.


Player manual with hints and tips

Keyboard controls
- Z, Map / Continue
- X, Use weapon
- P, Pause

Sound is important in this game. Headphones are recommended for the best experience.


Achievements! Try to unlock all 6 achievements and show you're a master of survival.


What people are saying...

"I nearly jumped outta my seat when it chased me..." - @liquidream

"Yeah, headphones are a must" - @enargy

"Hats off to you for bringing that element into your games. Brilliant." - @beetleinthebox

"The game is cool!" - @pineconegraphic

"That's some cute manual action!" - @rtrntospielburg

"You’ve found a really nice style in this one." - @johanpeitz

"Are you still making that damn game?" - @barneysangels


Development thread at the PICO-8 forum

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classic alien game

great work, it's retro feel, music and style really pulled me in, good work and i hope for you the best.

I love it!! It reminds me of Looming, which I'd like to know your opinion on. Atmospheric with simple graphics is a great show of resourcefulness.

The game looks fun, but I cant get past the title screen plz halp

morningtoast responds:

The Z key is Continue and in-game map
The X key uses your weapon in-game.

You can also check out the player manual for more controls, tips and hints

Couldn't give this a bad review because it's an addictive game and a cool concept. But man it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard. I mean if I've played it 100 times I've actually gotten to the final level four times. For a game that's so luck-based, there's just too much working against you. Make the aliens slower, make the eggs hatch more slowly, get rid of the stupid bait sticks and just make all the dead guys have guns, whatever. It's incredibly frustrating.

morningtoast responds:

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. The last level is tough, no lie there. Finding the bombs does take time, so it's just managing your item pick-ups well and then running straight for the exit once you start the countdown.

The bait sticks are helpful in that they'll stop aliens cold, so they give you lots of time to get away. But when it comes to out running aliens...just don't run in a straight line, you'll never win that race. Keep rounding corners and try running diagonal. You move a bit faster when doing so. Good luck!

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2017
10:46 PM EST
  • PICO-8