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Confusing Substitution

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I rushed the animation in one week. But I think it's fine. I think the writing is far more important than the animation and the voice acting, but that's just my feeble opinion.

Here are 17 religious theses:
1. The goal of the fire of hell is destruction. Not eternal life, for hell is precisely that which is not eternal life.
2. Jesus says that God destroys the souls who are in hell: Matthew 10:28
3. Hell is compared to Gehenna. Gehenna was a place where litter was destroyed. This comparison strongly suggests that the purpose of hell is not the execution of wrath, but the disposition of irredeemable waste.
4. There is no earthly system where a judge (or anyone else) can take the punishment of a convicted criminal. This is not because humans reject "god's" way of justice, but because such a system would create utter chaos.
5. Substitutionary theology poses God as the villain. As the problem that needs to be solved, according to the professors of this system, is not the sin of mankind, but the righteous wrath of God.
6. God is not wrathful just because He is, but because He needs to be.
7. The reason that the wicked need to be punished (disposited) is not because God is wrathful. It's the other way around: God is wrathful, because it's absolutely necessarily for the wicked to be punished.
8. Without God's wrath, criminals would live forever and defile God's kingdom. That's why God's wrath is necessary. God's wrath is therefore not this world's problem, but the opposite to this world's problem, which is sin.
9. If Christ died as a substitute, God should be giving Him the same punishment. This is not what we see happen. Jesus does not stay dead, nor does He go to a place with eternal fire.
10. Paul says in Romans 6:5 and 8 that it's with Jesus' resurrection that we are brought into a new life. These lines makes very little sense within the western parts of Christianity. Though I do admit that different translations give Paul a different theology here, so this point is rather void, I guess.
11. Within substitutionary theology, Jesus resurrection remains a mystery: it logically should serve no theological purpose when the "price" had already been paid.
12. Without the resurrection of Jesus, you have been told, there is also no resurrection for us. This notion cannot exist together with substitutionary theology, because we would have already become "undeserving" of death as soon as Christ died as a substitute.
13. Had Jesus' body remained in the grave, heaven (in the traditional sense) would not be able to exist. Again: this does not go well with substitutionary theology.
14. We are taught to be feeling bad about ourselves, because Jesus died for our sins. This is not nice: only someone who has not really forgiven you, would tell you repeatedly to feel bad about yourself.
15. Penal substitution cannot take away your sin, but only your guilt. But Jesus did come to take away our sin.
16. The words "guilt" and "sin" can not and should not be used interchangeably.

17. Jesus took our sin (not our guilt) and He destroyed these sins in His death. And with His resurrection he took us with Him, into the eternal life. This is not as comprehensible, but it is far more logical than the official reformed teaching on this subject.

(I already posted this on YouTube earlier. The reason this video is late on Newgrounds, is because I didn't have internet in my own home for a while and had to resort to the internet of the library and obviously the library is only open for a limited time.)

I know that probably nobody is reading this but I just want to get off my chest that I wish I could make more animations. I am in fact intending to make a little animated miniseries about robots that are programmed to become religious. It will probably turn out in four parts.

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Nov 6, 2017
1:45 PM EST