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Ham n’ Gravy are proud to present: CANDYYYLAND!! A great big, rootin’ tootin’, sugary-sweet animation jam !!!!!

MUSIC: “CANDYYYLAND” by Tofubeats feat. LIZ

Ham Firouzan - hamtarto.tumblr.com
Ryan Boyes - http://twitter.com/RyanMBoyes
Mady G. - madyg.com
Ollie Scott - http://www.olliescott.portfoliobox.net
Tale Linh Do - retrotale.tumblr.com
Jenn Strickland - jennerallydrawing.tumblr.com
Charlotte Jackson - http://instagram.com/colorpulp
YUGO LIMBO - yugsly.weebly.com
Danny A. Reyes - http://twitter.com/oryozema
Charlie Bryant - http://twitter.com/getvent
Kelly Kirsch - kellykirsch.carbonmade.com
Louie Zong - louiezong.com
Mel Cho - http://twitter.com/mellocho
Michelle Ramos - michellerart.tumblr.com
Kiana Khansmith - kianamaiart.tumblr.com
Harrison Schaeffer - Soakingwetdog.com
Kenny Leoncito - http://instagram.com/ke.ne.su
Steve Ly - http://twitter.com/notstevely
Christine Terterian - http://twitter.com/crokuta
Scott Hoch - artscotthoch.com
Robert Iza - izaart.tumblr.com
Toriisu - http://twitter.com/toriisu
Jonna Li - jonnali.tumblr.com
Austin Faber - austinfaber.tumblr.com
Allyson Gonzalez - allygn.tumblr.com
Vikku Tubie - http://twitter.com/viikkit
Gracie Pryor - GracieDraws.tumblr.com
Turçin Soylu - http://instagram.com/turcinsoylu
Smallbu - http://www.SmallBu.com
Omar Romolino - oroart.tumblr.com

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Pretty good toon I loved how it flowed evenly with the music in the movie solid collaboration overall

lol nice

It's cute an' sassy and I LIKE it.

nice job but candy is a addictive drug dont forget and giving it to a kid seem's abusive.. but real funny video

Great Work!