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Chicken Run!

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Author Comments

In this game, you are a chicken. You need to avoid the traps because hunters are chasing you. Can you escape?

AWSD or ARROW KEYS to move.

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needs a lot of work!

ChickenBurry responds:

Hello! I would love to tell you, i am not working on this game anymore! I will be making a new game, Chicken Z, witch will include;
-Better graphics
-Get guns to shoot zombies
-And more!
It may be done on 11/8/2017 at least.

EDIT: It WILL be done on 11/10/2017 or 11/11/2017.
EDIT 2: It is done.

Ummm... Where should I star?

This game is just unstable. Random objects appear out of nowhere, the boss mode is virtually unplayable, the skin selection boxes change place each time I click on them and also do not select the skin I want (not to mention that I unlock two without doing anything), the damage detection is awful, the game is HORRIBLY easy and boring since there are almost no "enemies" and in fact it is really easy to doge them and finally the game has many, but MANY bugs.

But, the gameplay is decent enough (although it is slow) and the design of the chickens seemed pretty charming, at least for me.

In conclusion, try harder for the next time, and I hope this review helps you to improve.

Good luck, sorry for the bad english.

ChickenBurry responds:

Hello! Thanks for your response. First of all, i'd like to say this game is only v0.1, and i will be fixing the boss. Also, one of them you get for playing 10 minutes, so if you did play that long, thanks!
another one you get for defeating the boss, and one for clicking the button on the top left corner.
Note that this game was just made yesterday. I will be updating the game. Also, can you tell me more info about the bugs so i can fix them? Thanks!

EDIT: Alright, i have fixed and changed the boss and fixed the bug where if you click the normal chicken it becomes a boss chicken. Thanks for helping make this game better!

its nice but how do you get other chickens

ChickenBurry responds:

To get other chickens, you can:
-Defeat the boss
-Find the secret
-Play for 10 minutes

OMG i love this game! Its so funny because your a chicken xD.
Btw i got all chickens the bolt one you just play for like 10 minutes and the wheel one you press the button on the top left corner.

ChickenBurry responds:


Now this is a good idea, and executed fairly.
But it just needs a bit better grass texture and added difficulty.

ChickenBurry responds:

Alright! I will be sure to add texture to the grass!
Also, every 10 seconds the traps move faster. But, i can add a easy, medium, and hard difficulty. Thanks for the 4 and a half star review! :)

Credits & Info

1.86 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2017
9:18 PM EDT