The Good Samaritan

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Written, Directed & Produced by Chris Shaw

Female - Alice Bol
Good Samaritan - Benjamin Vincent Hudson

Art & Animation by James White

Sound Design by Adam Summersgill

Credit Music - Island Summer Breeze by Coyote Hearing via the YouTube Audio Library

Executive Producer - Robert Shackleford

Ident Animated by Ellie C. Ident Music & Sound by Sam Sawtell

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Well that was unexpected! Just kept getting more and more unexpected! First her gladly agreeing to jump from another building, then actually jumping, then them judges... brutal. XD NIce work fleshing out the idea though, totally new twist to the good Samaritan thing!


LOTAC responds:

Thanks CD. Much appreciated!

Not something I haven't seen before, but you definitely did it better.

LOTAC responds:

Cheers dude!

What a swell lad.

LOTAC responds:

He is ain't he?