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Cave Legacy

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Darwin award 5 Points

A gladiator dies against a level 0 monster

Dragon slayer 5 Points

Kill a dragon in a single hit

Family 0 Points

Have 2 gladiators with the same family name

Genocidaire 0 Points

Defeat a total of 9999 monsters

Insensitive 5 Points

A gladiator is immune Fire and Ice

Last drop 5 Points

Win a fight with 1 hp or less

Naked 0 Points

Win the game without upgrading boots and armors

Spartacus 5 Points

Reach the ultimatum and survive the monsters' attack

Valhalla 5 Points

Die against Baalirox

Yin Yang 5 Points

A gladiator is immune Sacred and Chaos

Anorexic 10 Points

Win the game without using the altar

Child Prodigy 10 Points

Defeat Baalirox with a 18 years old champion

Musclor 10 Points

Deal 50000 damage in one hit

Satanist 10 Points

Sacrifice 666 chickens and 13 humans on a single turn

Vegan 10 Points

Win the game, sacrificing only salads

Grand Pa 0 Points

One of your heroes is 70 years old

Last second 25 Points

Win a fight at the last second

Super Saiyan 0 Points

One of your heroes reaches level 125

Survivor 0 Points

A hero suffers 10000 damage in one blow, and still wins the fight

Babel Tower 0 Points

Win the game in all languages

Crusoe 0 Points

Win the game in normal difficulty (or higher) with only 1 gladiator

Femen 0 Points

Win the game in Insane difficulty, using only women in the arena and only men in the altar.

Healer 0 Points

Win the game in Insane difficulty, without using the hospital

Godly 0 Points

Earn all in game achievements

Author Comments

The dark lord Baalirox made a pact with your little town: send gladiators and food in his cave, and you may survive. Will you be able to break the malediction and save the village ?
* Hire gladiators in the Tavern
* Upgrade their gear in the Forge
* Use surgery and trainings to make them stronger
* Sacrifice them in the Altar for gold or to calm down monsters
* Look for opportunities with daily events
* Learn hundreds of skills, including elemental magic
* Defeat thousands of unique monsters with unique abilities
* Collect 63 achievements across 4 levels of difficulty
* Events, gladiators and monsters are randomly generated, making each adventure unique.

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I can't seem to have the game save. But it's still a good game.

Does it ever get past Loading... ?

Also, nice Flash plugin crashes every other time trying to get this to load too. Quality.

Game is already years old, but I still can't find a hacked version. D:

So, I like the game but I had honestly gotten bored after about 20 or so turns since it very much had a sense of repetition to it that got more and more tiresome, but nothing against the game. The thing I'm writing this for is in my boredom, I unintentionally found a pretty money breaking glitch that I have no idea how it works.
So, if you go to the tavern and max out the size and durability in the menu, then do the same with the comfort, you have an upgrade price of like -240 million and when you accept it gives you that 240 million. After that I attempted to duplicate it with the money and found out adjusting the comfort amount to 9991 and 9992 repeatedly, you could technically get literal millions for absolutely free.
I found it out VIA just wanting to see the total price of it all done, and boy I didn't ask to find that out by accident! Either way, without that the game was fun for a short amount of time, and I feel I would've stayed longer with more condensed choices altogether. Hope it wasn't too tough to make it!

blairox responds:


Thanks you very much for your feedback. I'll have a look about this money glitch after the holydays, I hope I can solve it.
To be honest, it took us far too much time for what it is... But I guess it is how you learn and get better.

I like the odd strategy game (generally stuff like Civ, rather than RPGs) but. with this, I found myself immediately overwhelmed by numbers and just wondering how much of this is needed from the start, and just what I was suppose to be basing my decisions on. Even the extra calming version of Greensleeves didn't help me that much!

It feels like it could be good once you get into it, but maybe the more casual player like me could do with a tutorial that takes you gently by the hand rather than sending you running to the hills.

blairox responds:

And that's what I call a well written and interesting review, thanks !

I understand your point. The game was meant to be hard, and with a lot of different options to have a good replayability. The counterpart of it is that it is quite complicated (and not always for good reasons I must confess).

I would suggest to play on easy difficulty which does not punish too badly non-optimal plays, and just test things. You can also have a look on the 'tips' in the front page, to have a general idea of how to succeed in this cruel world. Good luck !

Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2017
3:52 AM EDT