Edgar: Friendship

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I wanted to try and make my first long animation, I had many ideas but this one seemed like the funnest. Loosely based on Harold the Scarecrow from Scary Stories to tell in the Dark. Inspiration from Simpsons, Nightmare before Christmas etc.


I like it, I love the sound of the wind, the little character manages to keep the dark atmosphere on the ground

I enjoyed it, but there are a few things you should work on.
You need to draw multiple frames if you're going to show a door opening, it looks awkward and comes off as lazy otherwise.
Also, the body found in the hole. It is shown to have form in pretty much every shot except for the one at 3:22. You drew it as if it were a paper cut out for seemingly no reason and it's jarring.
Speaking of that scene, if the light is coming from the window behind it, the body should be casting a shadow onto the table as he does while looking at the boy in bed not long after. They should have also been casting a shadow onto the floor after they'd both been tossed into the basement.
The lines could have been cleaner. I'm assuming you made this in Flash(Animate)? Maybe try experimenting with the smoothing tool if you haven't already, as well as drawing the lines with more complete, quick strokes.
I liked it, especially the restraint you showed with the pacing.
Good work :)

Nice clock from franbow!

one thing I notice was my attention to small details!?... such as the holes being the same and the corpses being center in the middle. you might have fool your typical audiences, but not me! you just got lazy! and didn't even put much effort into it. so i ask where is the heart in this at...?

Nice, suspens build up was well made if anything else.

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3.95 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2017
8:25 PM EDT