Stop Motion Study on Horror

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Happy Halloween!

I want to tone my stop motion skills while learning how about what triggers certain emotions. Each week I will choose an emotion and animate it using memory and observation. This week I picked Horror as the emotion. The stop motions are shown in the order I created them.

Free sound effects found at - freesound.org

Stop Motion Video #15

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Very unique claymation submission

I like the character view shots here the blood effects are nice too you could even make this better with a sort of story added here, I have enjoyed it very much, An interesting claymation that you have designed here you have some good ideas and its nice to see them come alive as you have presented here, Very unique claymation submission it has some very fun aspects about it anyways nice job.

you could even make this better with a sort of story added here


Oddly satisfying

Ok I actually like this. Of course you need more practice when it comes to the speed of motion. Overall, really well executed. Congrats!

I'm a sucker for stop motion animation - really liked this it was unique and different compared to what I usually see on Newgrounds, definitely wouldn't mind seeing more like this.