Pmation: "Crave From The Grave"

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Produced by Ross Bollinger
Directed by Sam Johnson
Animated by James Orman
Music by Brendan Cooney
Storyboarded by Dane Georges
Sound Design by Ryan Boone
Voices by Oswald and Daphne Garrington
Compositing by Francis Florencio
Title Card by Ryan Boone
Coloring by Nadya Butylina
Assistant Production by Cameron Jones

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Amusing in its own way

Nice "ZOMBIE" theme you have going on here, this was somewhat different then your others the whole zombie theme was really working well here, you should make more of these theme types they seem to really be popular, And so this one was amusing in its own way and own style, Again you bring some nice color, and nice animation to the table with these awsome little animations and you win lots of awards so the fans enjoy it as much as I do so nice job on these, I look forward to even more. The Starting sequence in this was pretty good, Some things could have some Ironing out but thats for later, So this was a pretty good flash of works there was lots to see with this one, and some random and odd things going on but guess thats why I like it, And on an ending note to the review I thought it was an overall decent film, no real hick-ups about it but if I do have any issues about it I will post them below in the improvments area. And once again as I end here I want to say theres always ways to make things better but you bring some nice value to the portal.

you should make more of these theme types they seem to really be popular


One with a totally happy ending for once. :) Nice twist. Witty title. Consolidating finale! Nice work.


Very nice animation. and kind of cute ( not sure if that was the desirable intent ).

The drawing could blend a little better with the background paper, but that's just nitpicking. Good job!

I'm surprised the rating isn't higher. While not one of the best cartoons ever, this was still great. Happy Halloween! I've been saying that a lot lately. It seemed like some of the characters were using actual words here. Maybe it's just coincidence.

I loved the theme of these monsters appearing. For all the goofy stuff that occurs in the series, you really don't have that many supernatural beings. This was different. It seemed like an obvious thing. The colors worked great too.

Nice clean comedy.
Liked it very much
Well done and Good Luck further
Happy Halloween !