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Dungeon Kriper 2

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Delve into fantastic world full of strange beasts! Use your whole power to defeat the evil deep underground! Solve the mystery of the dungeon with sword or magic!

Music by http://nosoapradio.us/

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Finished game its quite good. music is quite good gameplay is very good- love the auto run feature allowing you to level up overnight. Would like to see a simple save feature as if flash crashes you lose everything. would also like to see at least a 10k button instead of just a 1k button for upping stats as when you get to the lower levels of the dungeon as it is tedious to click the mouse that many times. Would also like to see a customization in the battle frame- basically allow you to chose attack or magic attack only when fighting- it seems to use magic first or only most times when on auto

Jaszczomp responds:

As always - I am glad to hear you enjoyed it!

As far as I remember there are buttons to assign up to 100K points on click (X + click and C + click). These are just sometimes hidden due to an insuffiscient space in the tooltip box.

When it comes to improvements, I am far more likely to create sequel using new, efficient and clean engine rather than further developing that part with dirty, limited one.

The 3rd DK will come with higher resolution along with lesser pixel compression resulting in over 4 times more space to use in UI.

this game is fantastic. I especially think the dungeon theme is incredible. me and my friends often use music from our favorite rpg and adventure games as a playlist to listen to when we play pathfinder together. is there a place i could download this theme from? i couldn't even find it on youtube.

Jaszczomp responds:

Oh, hello there!

On official site of Nosoapradio_us (it used to be an independent site, now it's a facebook page) you can find a Google Drive link with tracks (it's a post from 4th december 2016, currently the most recent one). The track used in the game is DST-Pariah.

Most of all - thanks for playing! Nice to hear you enjoyed it!

Its a good game and i see what your doing with the graphic putting it into a more retro stat buuuuuuuuut it makes the game hard to look at for long amounts of time but the mine map wold be nice and if you did not move ever time you turn that would be nice but its a really good game and music amazing

Ok, for I have put MUCH more time into this game than into almost any other here on Newgrounds, I think it is time for a review.

I absolutely love this game.

Music is great. If you manage to make a different track for every four levels, that would be pretty much perfect. However, the music is not generic. Because of this, I would recommend to have like a random 1 - 3 minute break between repeating it, otherwise it gets annoying. I turned it off now.

Unfortunately, no sounds at all (, yet ?). I would recommend to add these, but put them on a 2nd Speaker, so that we have the option to turn on/off Sound and/or turn on/off music, maybe even control them.

Completely, fully fluid. Nothing to more to say here. Perfect. For The "minimap" idea below, introducing to move backwards would become an option.

In order to allow players to "reskill" faster, maybe add a button on the skills tree to "clear skills" and a button on the masteries tree to "clear masteries", so they dont have to click the minus hundreds of times (I am somewhere around dungeon level 19 now). Alternatively, holding shift / ctrl / z and at the same time holding the mouse button could be used to increase / decrease the skills / masteris very fast. (At the moment you receive the point when releasing the mouse from the + / -. This would require to receive the points once you press it, rather than when you release it)

The "labrinth":
I saw a comment where the poster complained that the "labrinth" is not recognizable. As a matter of fact, it changes whenever you turn. if you turn around left 4 times, you are somewhere else than before. I think it would be enough to just change this as follows: The "longest" "hallway" currently is 4 "blocks" long. If you change it to 7, and memorize at maximum the 3 directions possible (I realized there is no 4-way crossroad), and "forget" about the previous ways as soon as you move forward into a new corner, this feeling of the labrinth being completely unpredictable would go away. Even more, this would allow you to implement a new feature:

The minimap:
This is just an idea, This is how it would look like:
| x |
| |__ ___ ___
|you___ ___ x |
| |

with "x" being mobs and "c" being a chest. Once you walk one step up, the right corridor would disappear (and become random again, until you walk 1 down again and look into it). If instead you walk into the right corridor, the bottom and top corridors would become random.
This would allow for an even more juicy feature:

Monster movement:
Once every ~ 2 seconds, a monster could decide to move a step closer to you. you would see them come at you on the minimap, and there would be situations possible where three mobs would attack you simultaneously. If none are there, they could also randomly spawn at the entrances.

Automatic movement:
I read a suggestion of having a button to turn it on and off. I would like to recommend something else: Put auto-movement as a passive skill onto some items. On the tear 1 Items, only 1 step every ~5 seconds would be possible, faster steps would be available on higher tear equipment. This would be something where the player would have to make up his mind when "setting up" his "auto farmer" - "Can I go with just 1 auto-movement item? Should I use 2 items for a bit faster movement, or will this kill me?" The player would have to test and observe what happens rather than just going afk.

Automatic attacks:
I like that the automatic attacks are slower than the ones you make by hand in case you have a high attack speed weapon. This way, sometimes you see yourself dieing while idling in Auto mode and are forced to intervene and take control in order to defeat a mob.

Strength, Vitality and Magic are self explaining. Luck is not. This was a big downtime in Diablo2 (magic find), as it is here: I simply have no idea how much I need in order to find the next tear item. This has an empty"feel" to it. I do not know if it increases the chest size, the chest amount, the items found inside the chest, the mob rarity, my chance to crit etc. The game should give me some kind of response when having mouse ofver the "+ / -" buttons, as it does for the other stats.

As already said, I would love to hear my attack on the mob, and I also would like to see my sword/axe/staff when striking. This would, I believe, add a lot to the "feel" during combat.

Actually, once you go Baba, you go full ret4rd and never use anything else. I have not casted once, except for a bit heal on level 2 or 3. The reason for this is, that I simply am too lazy to "unskill" with the minus button and try something new. Just one more reason for the "reset masteries" button mentioned above.

If you reset all masteries and the player has to click through them again, he might change his race just in order to try something new. For I am a lazy bum, I didn´t play mage yet, for example. (Also because points in magic would destroy my damage dealt -> blue sword mastery)

When you ascend, and all masteries arereset, BLOCK THEM. The player will be allowed only - i dont know - 500 mastery points in level 1, once he clears it he will get more for level 2 and so on. only when he reaches his previous dungeon level he will be allowed to use all the mastery points he has unlocked. This way, the player would be forced to REALLY play the game AGAIN when ascending. At the moment, it takes me like 10 minutes and I am back in the labrinth level I had before ascending, because my masteries alone clear all the low levels with ease.

That´s all for now,

I hope you continue working on this great pixel-art project,

- cyb -

Jaszczomp responds:

That's a whole lot of improvements! As you see, there is plenty of things that could be added to the game. In some cases, however, it would need some serious rescripting (the game engine would practically need to be rewriten almost from scratch).
But hey! I'll think about making a sequel in next year!

Great game!

I would have liked an "always attack the boss if you see it"-option for the auto-explore. It's frustrating to wait for a long time at floor 2 for the boss to appear after ascending for the third time, only to see myself turn right when it tries to attack me.

I think there is something wrong with the critical system. I put a lot of skill points into it, but after ascending maybe two times it sort of broke. Say it said "15,9% + 34". I put skill points into it until it said "99,99% + 34". I put in a little bit more, and suddenly it was past 100, but the number to the right was still 34. I tried putting in 60000, it was still 34 although it should have been more than that. Once it went up to 35, only to go back to 34 again. Maybe there was something that I missed, something from the gear affecting this or something, but I don't think so.

Last thing, what does luck do? I would have liked some explanation in the tutorial.

Great game, I really enjoyed it, thanks!

Jaszczomp responds:

Looks like the crit's + number was wrongly displayed. It was only visual bug, so it didn't really influenced gameplay. It should be fixed now.