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Z-Sector Tower Defense

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Author Comments

Z-Sector TD Early Alpha (0.3) Zombie Tower Defense

A basic top down Zombie apocalyptic tower defense browser game created by TitanMods. Survive against hordes of zombies!

40 Waves each match

3 levels so far

Z-Sector TD, the Top down post-Apocalyptic Tower Defense Browser game. The goal is to survive! That's it! Defend against hordes of Enemies using turrets and settlers!



Scroll in and out using the middle mouse button

WASD Camera control

(R) To rotate object

More Information Inc...


http://game-maker.ru [Special Creatures

https://freesound.org/ [Screams

Help me out by pointing out all bugs!

Future Updates

Simple Settlement Management System

Special Perk System


Z -Sector MMO

These assets are originally from Z-Sector MMO Alpha

I decided to use Z-Sector MMO browser game assets to make this tower defense game to help raise awareness, test the assets and test gameplay features. All donations will help support the Post-Apocalyptic top down MMO Z-Sector.


(Alpha 0.3)
Update Released 4/19/18
UI Fix
Resolution fix

Post all bugs below! We plan to have this bug free, balanced and fix within a few months.

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Okay, so apparently restarting on a later wave doesn't actually restart the game, but it totally resets your money on the same wave... The difficulty scaled from too easy to way too f'ing hard before wave 20. Also, what's up with barricades? If I put a turret on the barricade, is the option to upgrade gone? Or are you paying for the upgrade cost of the turret + the barricade? Please add some explanations to what towers are effective for what situations.
So far my prognosis is, money is too little or upgrades are too expensive, difficulty flips the table too fast, and the game lags out on my above average PC.

What is the difference between towers and scavengers? It would be interesting:
- to have scavengers increase your income but low def/attack,
- have energy supply buildings
- have limited building area that expands with certain buildings (compare the pylons in starcraft)
- have ammunition for the towers that has to be manufactured in specialized buildings
- to actually see what an upgrade does
- to actually see how the zombies are getting stronger / faster with each wave (compare gemcraft labyrinth here on newgrounds, the bar on the left side)
- to be able to build only during day, depending on your amount of civilians building something could take multiple days
- to be able to rescue civilians during the day for population increase
- to start only with a small group of civilians or only 1 civilian (yourself)
- have dispensible units (landmines which cost only 1 - 5 cash but are destroyed after usage)

"It s a turret defense, why does it need story?"
Creating characters and letting some of them die/romance etc. will give you the opportunity to increase the replayability of the game. "This time, I will not let girl #4 die."

music is too silent (I hear it aat pprox 1-5%, I dont hear any sound.)
clicking and dragging should move the terrain when zoomed in (that is what you are currently having to use wasd for)

That´s all for now, but I bet you have many more ideas to not let this become another 3/5 play-once-and-never-again game.

CountryballWorld responds:

these are great ideas i hope you dont mind me using them

there are many problems with this game first one being that it is just another generic tower defence game that adds nothing new to the already cluttered genre. i cant really see anything due to the low resolution. it doesn't have even have any plot or context. however it does a good in giving you an objective with the star rating but i'm not sure if it even works because i'm not in the mood to spend a couple hours squinting my eyes so i can finish a level

just a suggestion remove the cloud shadow for a faster running game

Credits & Info

2.56 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2017
7:35 AM EDT