The Horrible Song

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A Halloween ditty written, performed and animated by me with some banjo-ukulele and piano help from my mom (thanks, Mom!). No particular vocal effects used but fun fact: I originally recorded this while I had the flu, and it was several keys lower. Then, sadly, I got better.

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I liked the animation and the retro effects.
The music was fluid for brief moments, but then it turned rigid again too soon.
The text - didn't like much and didn't catch all the meaning.

I thought it was real nice :)

A very humbly horrible performance! :D Refreshingly horrorless and happy... in a hollow, honorable way. Interesting character deigns; entertaining sound!


Wow. So good.

WOnderful and you did everything !!! Keep it up mate, that's AMAZING ! Loved the voice and art and music...Can't wait wait to watch what you're gonna make !