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Haunted Duplex - Part 2

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More SpOoOoky true stories for you to snack on. So plug in the night lights and cuddle up in your parent's bed. Haunted Duplex Part II: Back with a Vengeance

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Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Excellent I was hoping for part 3

So you had a literal Nightmare Before Christmas. NEAT!

LOLZ! Great vid mate. I had a freakin... shadow with red eyes mothman motherfucker show up one night when I was tryin to sleep. I was awake as fuck and freaked outta my mind, but being the kind of person I am, I was like, 'FUCK OFF if YOU CAN't BE NICE YOU SHIT." never happened again. EAT SHIT SHADOW! YEAHHH

oh shit brewstew you're on NG?!? Awesome!

i gave you a 5 because i laughed through 90% of the video

Sweet jesus, my sides... definitely can't wait for part 3. Keep it up, man. Always enjoy the new stuff.