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Spectrum Adventure

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Author Comments

W,A,S,D/Arrow keys = move
Space/Up = Jump
P = Pause Menu

Spectrum Adventure is a current WIP game being developed by me and a teammate for the Congressional App Challenge.

You play as a small gray puffball whos tasked with saving the world from the flies who are stealing the color. Jump your way through levels, solve problems, and help restore color to the world!

An educational aspect was required for the challenge. If you would like to turn off the math questions simply go to the menu, hit the settings cog and uncheck the box.

The game is being updated constantly on a separate website:


Player and fly assets from the Unity store.

Backgrounds and level design by yours truly.

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now thats what a call a good vidya game

I tried to play this on your home site and I kept dying for no reason. I had plenty of health points and wasn't touching anything deadly.

This game has real potential!

1. But it's a 3 for me because of the lack of sound, or maybe it did have sound but i didn't hear any could have been a bug or the game did not have any sound at all.
The character was cute looking and the background was well designed.

2. But the move action for the fluff ball is actually a 0 for me, it was too distracting because it looked like an endless loop of just 3 frames as the fluff moved/walked, personally i hated it .
I think it would have looked much cooler if it kinda hovered over the ground like if it levitated a few pixels of the ground instead of that sad bouncy animation.

3. I think the double jump is very common , but you made it work for this game and i appreciate it .
However the major drawback on this jump is that the "stomp to kill" action just didn't work out for taking out the bugs/flies. That is because you cannot expect a player to stomp on to moving objects since this action is a vertical plunge down that is fast and when you try to execute this action when you move is really hard , it is still possible but it is actually a waste of time so you would normally just ignore it and keep moving and that results in a wasted character in the foreground, this could work as a animation in the background.

4. You could maybe make the bug move over the x axis in a forward backward (left,right) motion so that you can land easily like in Mario.This might result in more involvement in the game and a better overall experience.

5. Most importantly when the game begins the screen does not fit so there's a huge block of white space at the bottom where the Life is displayed , so when you play the game or until you make the double jumps onto the first few ledges/platforms does it actually fit the screen.

6. The checkpoint save math is not a big issue and I appreciate the fact that you took the time to think of people who would not like this feature and made a setting to disable it.

Well done on the game and Good luck further !

Original approach for the jump maniacs (btw, it really helps to READ THE HINTS!) and the style, the way the colours are used, renders nicely imo. GJ! Keep it up! :)

The background in the title screen has lower quality than the other pictures.

The font, I see you want it to be spooky, but it's low quality and just bad.

The Game Over text is more HD than the hint text.

Teach the player how to jump before teaching them how to double jump.

JellyFloof, the drawings in the game just look ugly, try using Paint Tools Sai, even Tayausi Sketches if you're on the go.

For a longer jump, jump, pause, and jump again.

Basically, this has flaws, 2.5/5.

JellyFloof responds:

I actually do and did use paint tool sai, and the graphics for the game were made almost a year ago. We were new to unity and still learning how to scale things while also being on a pretty bad time constraint. I had thought of possibly replacing a lot of graphical assets later on. As I said in the description, this game is unfinished.

Thank you for your input

Credits & Info

2.59 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2017
12:10 AM EDT